Latest and Greatest Forms

I recently found some new forms that are supposed to be the most realistic of all. They are made by the folks at Real Gurl, and for anyone familiar with this company, they are the makers of the life like, and I do mean life like, real dolls.  Goddess Nikki recently became a spokes person for them when She got hooked up, literally, with their real cocks!  You may have run across some Her tweets about it.  

Here i am modeling them in a sheer see through top.

They look somewhat more realistic under some-thing sheer for sure.




One thing is for certain. The folks at Real Doll are super helpful, both before and after the sale. And the forms themselves attach right to one’s body, without a bunch of glue or tapes, They are not super heavy like most other forms. They feel realistic to the touch when You squeeze them, and they are customized in terms of color to one’s skin coloration. They also feel like they are part of you, even if they won’t quite work perfectly in nude applications.

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