Labor Day

It’s Labor Day. The traditional end of summer. But not the end of the warm balmy weather. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend, and the weather. And since it is still so nice out, I took some pics commemorating the day outside, next to our flag.

Goddess Nikki wants me to be channel my inner sissy and dress a little more sissy like.  As a start I dragged out my very short, red, white and blue patriotic ruffle skirt.  Nothing screams sissy like ruffles, unless it’s very short ruffles.

Here I stand in front of some patriotic holiday bunting and old glory.  Nice pic for a Labor Day weekend, don’t you think.



I took a whole gallery for the occasion and am posting a few here and the rest are on my only fans page

Had fun taking these on such a nice sunny day. And they came out pretty well because of it.

I also have some video clips posted on my clips for sale store that I posted in previous years.


So if you want to check either the C4S store is reflected above menu, with the some of the recent shown to the left. And Only Fans

Go take a look and keep Goddess Nikki pleased with my efforts.


Blue Water Blue Toy


Hot a particularly bright, hot nd sunny day, I decided to sneak outside and have some fun with one of my toys. The water, my outfit and my toy all being blue, I posted the video clip I made using my toy on my only fans page.  Her’s water I looked like in the video


See the clips at Tannen

Hot Orange on a Hot Day

It’s a beautiful day.  Hot. Bright. While relaxing on the porch upstair overlook the yard, I decided to take a few foot pics.

Here is a sample. After taking some upstairs, I decided to go downstairs into th back yard and take some others.















Lastly, I did a toy fucking video clip on the settee. All of which I have posted at

July 4th

Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July Holiday weekend.  It’s a greet weekend.  Good weather, and a long weekend to enjoy it. I decided to post some pic for the holiday like I usually do in keeping with my tradition with Goddess Nikki.  She enjoys my effort and the pics I post on holidays.  


One would expect red, white and blue. But I carried the red, white and, blue theme, right down to my toes

And I decided, as well, to wear a patriotic swim suit to take some pics out by the pool.





Here i am enjoying the day and relaxing by the pool.



Then to end the day i used this patriotic toy to fuck my hole at poolside, and posted it all on

Getting Summer Started

As the summer gets started, I want to take advantage of the nice weather and our yard.  So i posted some pics and two day in the life type videos on my only fans page.


The first one involved pool maintaince.  I the first one I am wearing this swimsuit, and some cut-offs pouring chlorine into the pool.

So i;m going around the pool dumping the chlorine and then i strip off my shorts out by the pool. I really like this suit as it shows off my tan. lol

Since a day in my life normally involves kink..


I decided to fuck myself out by the pool wearing only this sheer see-through outfit.

You can see my plug which i remove so i can have some fun again onmyonly fans page.  Check it out

Summer Soles

Clips for Sale is got a promotion going which they call Summer Soles 2019.  They are asking people to post clips displaying their their feet, specifically their soles, using the tag of #summersoles19. So  I decided to post a clip on my clips store. Here is a rapid fire version of the clip I posted there. That one at normal speed, of course.

Pool Opening

Opening the pool for the summer.  We are doing our spring clean-ups in the yard, and the best part is opening the pool for the summer season.  This huge ‘water feature” is so peaceful.  Looks and even sounds so calming.  But the best part is still the swimming.


Here i am sitting pool side getting ready to indulge myself in the nice, although still a little cool, water.

It’s nice way to spend some time and get relaxed.  And sometimes to have some kinky fun





Latest and Greatest Forms

I recently found some new forms that are supposed to be the most realistic of all. They are made by the folks at Real Gurl, and for anyone familiar with this company, they are the makers of the life like, and I do mean life like, real dolls.  Goddess Nikki recently became a spokes person for them when She got hooked up, literally, with their real cocks!  You may have run across some Her tweets about it.  

Here i am modeling them in a sheer see through top.

They look somewhat more realistic under some-thing sheer for sure.




One thing is for certain. The folks at Real Doll are super helpful, both before and after the sale. And the forms themselves attach right to one’s body, without a bunch of glue or tapes, They are not super heavy like most other forms. They feel realistic to the touch when You squeeze them, and they are customized in terms of color to one’s skin coloration. They also feel like they are part of you, even if they won’t quite work perfectly in nude applications.

First Time Outside This Season

It’s finally warming up here.  It’s been a brutal spring to say the least as far as the weather is concerned.  Very chili with practically no warm weather at all.  The past few days, however, it has warmed up enough to venture outside.




So I decided to venture out into the back yard to take a few pics.




Here i am on the back porch finally able to enjoy the nice weather. The yard is not cleaned up enough yet to take any out there. Also the pool has yet to be opened, but I’m working on that next!




Happy Easter

I want to wish all my readers here and my followers on twitter a Very Happy Easter Sunday.  I especially want to give an Easter Shout out to Goddess @Erotic Nikki.  It’s a beautiful day here and I hope it is where you are too.  Hope you are getting a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends before you’re back to work and the daily grind tomorrow.

As y’all know, I usually do a holiday picture/video shoot for holiday to amuse my Goddess Nikki and wish everyone a happy day.  This year I decided to get into some nice Easter clothes and i am wearing my Sunday Easter best to look like a real lady.


So here is my Easter outfit. Nice dress and jacket in an Easter violet. Hair to match. Put myself in a nice Easter setting, complete with Easter eggs. And, of course, an Easter Basket. 

Of course, I am sending Goddess N some Easter goodies and here is the basket full of mostly eggs.

Since I can’t send eggs through the mail, i use hollow eggs.  Eggs filled with what my Goddess loves most—money. lol  There is some candy as well, but since She doesn’t like a lot of sugar I have to keep that to a minimum and I usually spend most of my efforts trying to find things to put in there that She will find acceptable. I sent it all a few days ago, so I know She received it.  Sue hopes She likes what I sent.

In the meantime, I also did a video clip to show off my lady like outfit, and amuse Her as well.  As always it seems, and try as I might, I ended up being me. As always I am caged 


As you can see here through my violet sheer see-through panties. This somewhat limits my video efforts but getting all dolled up like this gets me horny. 




Fortunately, however, I had a big fat violet toy that I could use to help me scratch that itch and amuse my Goddess. And since I couldn’t wait to get it in me, I ended up becoming quite a contrast using that toy while still dressed so eloquently.

I posted the video clip on my new only fans page and you can see it by going to