Wishing everyone a Very Happy and prosperous New Year! i want to give a special Shout Out to Goddess Erotic Nikki. Also my readers here and followers on twitter. As the New Year is upon us, i am making a resolution to re-double my effort in serving Goddess Nikki and also to more religiously adhere to my restrictions and submissive state of mind as far as She  is concerned.

So i decided to start by dressing up in a nice glitzy New Year’s outfit for the occasion. Even wearing heels. Beautiful long gold glitter nails, done with polish She sent. Dressed in this fashion i also decided to film a clip, as She likes me to, and show off some of the things that ill make this year more production.    

First, i am going tottery to follow all of the suggestions put int the guide by Goddess N on the calendar inside I will post the calendar pages each months that i, and everyone else, can see where i am headed. 

One of the reasons that i think i can do it, is my very restrictive chastity that i have recently purchased, with Goddess N’s help and approval.  Look how restrictively small this device is—and it is secured closely to my body that any thoughts of anything other than sissygasms are a thing of the past.  my chastity is also way cuter now, fits into my sissy panties, and fits my lifestyle and the direction Goddess N has planned for me. 

Before toasting the New Year i show off and expelling my Guides, both my written guide and the physical chastity guide that will continue to persuade me to do what i am supposed to.

There are some New Year;s toasting glasses and the cum i have collected by aging for the past few months.  i am going to poor that cum into a glass and toast the occasion.


Tastes good as i begin to drink up. Tastes better with the next sip and as might be expected, however, what was supposed to be a classy New Year’s tribute turns into something more.





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Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.  Specifically,, all my readers here and followers on twitter.  Hope everyone is having a great day and getting a chance to relax and get away from all of the daily routine,

i want to especially wish Goddess Nikki and Her family a very special day, and  beside saying it here i sent gifts their way. 

Here are the fits that i sent to Goddess N that She opened today.  They arrived Friday, but Web God intercepted them and held them until today.  He also snagged something else i had sent directly to Her from the retailer.


As you can see there were a number of things i sent Her and i am always concerned if She will like what i have sent.  There was something from Her Wish List, a little skirt and matching top, yoga pants that She likes and some bath and body stuff to relax with, a Christmas stocking and more. The item sent directly was a camera She wanted (also on Her Wish List.  i did, hear from Her today, however, and She seemed pleased with everything.

Candy Cane Slut 3: Christmas Eve

Well Christmas is tomorrow and i am spending the Night Before Christmas making a video.  This clip re-visits the Candy Cane Slut in the third appearance of this character.  If you recall, the original, entitled Big Candy Stick was filmed at Goddess Nikki;s request so it could be posted on the We Whip Ass site.  That clip was more successful than any of the others and I heard from many folks, many of them Domes, about it years. Several years later, but several years ago, i did the sequel: Candy Cane Slut Too.  Now i thought it was time for the third installed, which is the title of this blog.

Beside the fact that it was well liked, i am extremely hot and horny from being caged. The clip takes place on Christmas Eve, and is set among the gifts underneath the Christmas tree.  A sissy tree, of course. 

Here is the sense set at the beginning of the movie.  i hurriedly enter and because i am hot, and have been waiting for this night for awhile.  i had asked Santa to leave me some big sticks to play with and satisfy myself, just as i had done so many years ago.

Here i am in my nightshirt, my Christmas shark bite night shirt, after getting downstairs t the tree as i couldn’t wait to see if Santa had left the big sticks i asked for. He did, and since i was so hot and horny i decided to use them without even waiting until morning.  The shark bite tee is perfect for showing off the reason for my extreme heat. Namely the extremely small chastity that Goddess N now has me caged.

You can see both the oversized candy sticks in my krissy stocking which is hung, unlike krissy, by the fireplace.

You also notice the super large 2 lb stick in the other stocking on top of the gift thee.  That candy cane stick was too heavy for the stocking hung up by the chimney with care. lol  If you look close you’ll also notice Santa’s attempt, and a good one, at humor when he left the towel with the “I can explain” box checked on it.  This tool is something i needed at the end of this one.  i’m so hot, first i use the sticks in the stocking—all at the am time, before turning my attention to the 2 lb giant. i spend quite a bit of time rating this hugh monster up my hole, and then in and out of my stretched out hole.  By the en of the clip i am spent and kind of a mess. But it didn’t matter, and i am quite satisfied. This is the scene when i was done.

Thanksgiving Day

hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  It is a tie, of course, for gathering with family and loved.  Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving has not been so happy.  Tragic circumstances for our family.  But since this Thanksgiving Day clip was already done, and i need diversion to take my mind off things, I’m going to post it anyway.

Today has traditionally been a day that was special to Goddess Nikki and i as it was one of my first photo shoots for Her.  My first full shoot i did for  a holiday to impress Her, called Stuffing the Bird.  It had to be something graphic to catch Her attention, and this did the trick.  i’m sure that anyone can figure out what i was doing there,  And i wanted to continue the tradition this year.



Here is the pertinent part of the “e-card” i am sending. And it’s the drumstick part that is relevant to my shoot. Somehow they always end up the same.



So here is my  Indian Maiden. I’ve said this before, but think it bears repeating so no one gets offended.  No disrespect here my great grandmother was Native American.  This indian is  bird who ends up getting stuffed most years.




And here i am, or shot;d I say she is, holding the big drumstick that was in my Thanksgiving card. This toppers is pretty big, measuring almost three inches in diameter.  The video clip begins this way, as I explain, for anyone who doesn’t know me, what is the basis of this, and the other clips


I guess you can guess where it’s going, left, and why it’s going there, right.


Eventually i end up like this picture on the left below.  And after some effort to impale myself with this monster and then the ultimate pleasure of using something this big (guess i’m a bit of a size queen) this is what is left of me, and my drumstick.

Here you can get a better look at my every present chastity, which is what usually causes me to do these things.  That, and the length of time, i am caged-and teased-by Goddess Nikki.

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It may be your last chance, and it may be my last blog post, i’m not sure.  It seems that Goddess Nikki is not super pleased with me right now. Don’t quite agree with Her take. And i have issues as well. Also,i don’t know how i feel either based on that and my own circumstances alluded to earlier.  So honor me-and Her-by getting this clip. 


Today is Halloween, and as we are getting later into the night, i want to share a Halloween clip that takes place in a cemetery late at night.  Halloween is traditionally, besides being spooky, is a special day for many sissy types, since it allows us to dress as we feel.  I also want to wish everyone, especially Goddess Nikki a Happy Halloween.  As has often ben the case, I celebrate these holidays with my version of an e-card.

Here’s my card, and my clip is an extension of this card. Krissy, being horny-as always-goes looking for her lifetime boyfriend to have some fun.  I get him up, and since he is less than cooperative at first, I see to revive him, so to speak, and I start by kissing in order to get his attention.

Eventually after some kissing, he begins to stir and finally he is as turned on as I am to the point that I see the gleam in his eyes. And he begins to sport a nine boner.  This setting gives that a literal meaning for sure.                   

Once he get hard, I can’t help but to give this bone some oral attention. Once I get my fill of that I literally jump his bones.

This Halloween clip is full of sissy cuteness.  The kind that Goddess Nikki lies to see Her sissy display–both for Her and everyone else that She decides to share it with.  You can see it too.  It’s now uploaded in my latest update to my clip store at Clips 4 Sale.  Cum take a look, as I give a new definition to jumping one’s bones!

Surprise Sissygasm!

A few weeks back Goddess Nikki surprised me by sending me this text:

As you can see, it came out of the clear blue—and so could this club. To say i was thrilled was an understatement. i have been locked up for awhile now, and unable to experience an orgasm of any kind for almost as long. So i was really horny and hot. This my Goddess was aware of this, and while most of the tie She doesn’t give a shit, She took pity on me this time—and She likes to keep me all worked up and playable.  Letting me know what i am missing occasionally is one good way to do that.


So i immediately set out to do have a sissygasm that very evening.  First i got all dolled up. i have been wearing lime green since my toes are painted that color. And since i always am supposed to be all dolled up, when i get myself all worked up, i put on an outfit that matched my toes, plugged myself and grabbed my stool so i could grind down on my plug!  Before too long, i experienced a good sissygasm. i did;t film any of it, since i was in such a hurry to cum, but i did eat all my delicious cum, as instructed. Then, i  proceed to tell my Goddess all about it in a late night text.

But much to my further and complete shock, She then said to do it all again the very next evening. This time She said She didn’t care how i went about doing it, but implied that She wanted e to do it differently and really fuck myself long and hard to a nice wet sissygasm.

So again i got dolled up, again in lime green, and using these dildos i fucked myself to orgasm. It felt so good. But at the end of the fuck session i found myself wanting to suck that dildo in a long ass to mouth conclusion. 


It tasted yummy! my Goddess ha been fucking with my mind for so long that i’ve really grown to love the taste of my hole.




That left my caged stick dripping my cum out of my cage and through my panties!

This video, which turned into a sissygasm fuck fest, lasts over thirty minutes and really shows sissy subbie sex.

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Sissy Pouch Thong

Last time I showed y’all the sissy pouch panty that Goddess Nikki steered me to.  The lacy one with the attached garters and stockings.  While i was visiting the sissy pouch site, i ran into some other styles.  I couldn’t resist buying a sissy pouch thong.  This looked like more my style.  A thong leather look any. Perfect for a slut like me.  And it comes in different colors.  I started with the black leather look.

Here they are.  A nice leather looking thong, like i described.  You can see the pouch for my chastity device to fit into, and these should be a little better suited to take the kind of punishment I will give them during my clips. 


So i decided to fill a short clip update to show them off. I start the clip displaying them front and rear.


After giving ya a peak at my chastity and how it fits into the little sissy pouch, i get down, literally, on the floor and use my big matching black plug in me.

So cum and take a look at my clip to see how well these thong panties fit my lifestyle. Other sissies, and their Domes should find this one interesting.

Check it out in the recent clip updates to the left, if you are reading this a short time after it was posted.  Otherwise, it can navigate to my store by using the menu bar at the top of the blog.

Sissy Pouch Panties

Recently Goddess Nikki “recommended” that i purchase a pair of sissypouch panties that She saw on the net.  

As you can see they are very sissy like. All lacy and frilly.  Nice sissy pink accents—and attached garters.  But they aren’t called sissy POUCH panties for nothing.  There is a little pouch sewn in to the front of the panty to hold, in my case, my caged stick. But i think the thing that really sold it, was the garters which would force me to go the whole sissy deal with stockings. i haven’t worn them for years as most of them clash with my tanned legs.    

Obediently, her i am, wearing the panties with stockings. Nice sexy black stockings. Since the accents were sissy pink (what else would you expect) i decided to do the same. Pretty pink nails and toes. Pink eye shadow and bright pink lips!

Actually it felt kind of good to be wearing stockings. Got off on how my painted toes looked in them. The completeness of my look got me going as well. Since the purpose of this exercise was not only to show them off, but to see how they held up to my slutty endeavors on film.


Therefore in an effort to”test” them lol i decided to see how they looked while i fucked my hole.

Obviously, in an effort to carry out my pink them, i used a pink dildo.



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Getting (panty) Hosed

A fews weeks ago I received a gift package from Goddess Nikki. I had recently purchased a new tan bad to replay my tan canopy but had not received any protective glasses from the seller.  Since Goddess N had a few extras She said She would send a pair to me.  At the same time She enclosed a pair of pantyhose that She wore when She was modeling at the AVN Convention a few months ago.  She had deliberately wore that pair for the entire week and they were ripe with Her essence.  I already had a few pairs She had sent a bit earlier, so now I had several pairs with which to entertain myself.  Therefore I decided to make a video clip revolving around my fun with them.   

Here i am opening the fragrant hose to enjoy the smell of these from the AVN plus other ones I already had. I first savored their Goddess essence and then went o to enjoy their Womanly essence.


At left I am enjoying their smell and getting myself turned on while I explain about my Goddess; use of them. Some She used while She was filming Her clips and the other, of course, while at the AVN. But first, this time I wanted to try on a pair so in an effort to get myself all soft and smooth for this I rub my lotion on my already soft legs and then try on a pair.  After that I end up where one would expect–on my back with a dildo up my hole.

It felt so good to work a toy up side me while i was inhaling Her sent.  It felt so good that I spent a good amount of time enjoying them while taking my time slowly fucking myself .

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Independence Day

Wishing all of my American friends and followers a Happy July 4th!  Hope everyone is having a festive and safe holiday. Special wishes for my Goddess, Erotic Nikki. This is such a tradition in this country almost since it’s birth, 242 years ago. Great time for grilling and chilling, especially with this nice sunny weather.

A tradition as well are my 4th of July video clips. Usually this tradition includes some independence and freedom from my chastity and some fireworks of my own. This year, however, Goddess Nikki sees no reason for any releases, since She has already decided that i need to be caged at all times, A lifetime sentence.  Needless to say, i am not thrilled by this decision, although I acknowledge Her superiority and right to keep me caged for any term She desires. So i am using this “opportunity” to update something in keeping with my condition, since it seems appropriate for our county this year. 

Krissy is a sissy vision of Lady Liberty.  Don’t I look the part? Stars and stripes sissykini, as Goddess Nikki called it on twitter. But i begin this clip by immediately winning that i am caged and feel as if this is the same thing happening in our country. And it is obvious that this political statement is not a politically correct rant. I mention that while our government does things that while we are being protected, and restricted, we are getting screwed up the ass at the same time.







The red party is currently the ones doing whatever they want and sticking it to us.  Especially the porn industry, the cam girls and others like me. But fret not, the blue party will be back in office eventually and they can bring their own agenda to the party.


So you just know that krissy the slut is going to end up on her back with her knees in the air demonstrating how we are getting screwed up the ass by both the red and blue parties! Who is working for us?  Who will try to bring us together? And who is going to get me some freedom!