Valentine Gifts

Yesterday i posted a blog about Valentine’s Day.  My latest clip update. And my new Only Fans account.  I also mentioned that I had sent some Valentine’s Day gifts to Goddess Nikki.  Most of the time people send gifts that would be considered romantic, like candy and flowers.  And I have done that as well as many other traditional, and non-traditional gifts to Hr.  In fact this is an anniversary for us as well, because my original offerings to Her were sent on Valentine’s Day in n attempt to gain Her attention.  What I did was to check out Her picture library on Her websites.  I looked at the backgrounds in those pics.  She used to take more pictures just around Her house so I could see what types of things She liked and used.  I went out and bought many of these items, or things that went with the things She used and sent them to Her-along with my key. That is a story for another day though.  In this case She was quite impressed that i had noticed what She liked and had taken the time to buy and send them to Her.

Over the years I sent many Valentine’s items-its been about 13 years since then-many of the romantic kind.  But mostly what I have done as Her submissive is to buy Her things that She can use in Her work or daily life to make that life easier and more productive.  This year is no different.  I noticed on twitter that She has posted a tweet seeking volunteers to purchase for Her a mobile camera that She could use outside and several accessories that went with the camera.  So i purchased that camera along with the accessories and sent them to Her. These days I have some inside help from Web God Mike to grab my gifts when they come in and hide them until the day arrives.  In that way they are timely–and She is surprised. 

Here are the gifts pretty much as they arrived.  I had them gift wrapped and everything, therefore, worked out great.

Here, at left, is a picture of the camera out of any packaging. Since Goddess N was asking for these, nd i again, was observant enough to see that, it was a no briner as far as getting Her something She liked and could use.

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