Merry Christmas

Well as Christmas is approaching it is always hectic to get things all bought, wrapped and sent to Goddess Nikki. And it seems that it takes up all the time i have available to get it all done. No matter how soon i start or how much time i have.  This year was no different, but i got everything together in time.  Here are the packages that i was ending to my Goddess

Found some real cute and interesting gifts this year.   Something different. Starting with the cool Christmas stocking shaped lie Texas boot. That thing was stuffed with good chocolates.  No cheap stuff.  Also a few gifts stuffed in there.

So here’s krissy Claus getting things together and ready to send.It’s always a little difficult to get things situated just right in the box to send so it doesn’t move all around.But i got everything to the Post Office on time.  Or so i thought.  i’m sure everyone knows about the problems at the Post Office this year. And in spite of the clerk telling me no sweat when i mailed them, they were over a week late.  Luckily Goddess N did not hold me responsible for the slow delivery  and posted these two pics.  One when of the gifts wrapped and another after She had unwrapped them.









You’ll notice the money ornaments that i sent as part of the gifts, as well as sever gift cards so Goddess N could purse Her passion–shopping! Fortunately Goddess approved!

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