Poppin’ Off

A few weeks back a gorgeous TS girl I follow posted some late night tweets.  It seems that she was extremely horny and needed to get fucked.  Trouble was, at that late hour she was having trouble hooking up with her normal fuck mates.  So she decided to get herself some runners=up. A substitute if you will.  Those tweets caught my attention and I answered her. She noticed and liked my responses.

The runners-up she posted consisted of a big anal plug, called the intruder and a small vile of  alkyl nitrate,common;y referred to as “poppers.” These little bottles of joy produce a short intense high.  They are sometimes referred to as a gay thing.  I never understood any of this, but since this TS beauty was posting them together as runners-up in the nights quest to get fucked, I figured that using these two things together must be pretty intense.She finally found someone to fuck her, and as she even noted, got paid to boot(y).So I never got to hear about, or see, the experience.

I however, decided to try this out for myself, since Goddess Nikki has me locked in chastity all the time and my only source of relief is my hole. I also decided to film the experience for all to see. (Goddess N is requiring that I send Her a private copy,)


So one night, dressed in this bra and panties, I decided to test out my new friend and shoot a movie of it all. I started out like you see me here (left) showing the popper, my big intruder type butt plug and explaining what I am about to do and why.

I remove the sealed cap top and get ready to inhale the popper before I ram my plug up my hole.


Wow oh Wow!! The plug felt soooo good going up!  The feeling was way more intense than usual and i could immediately see why some refer to these as a gay drug.

It felt incredible going in and out of my hole, actually making a popping sound as the fat end squeezed in my hole and then out again. Spreading it out and making me feel each and every stroke.


I went on for what seemed like forever the feelings were so intense. My hole being spread so wide, open and wet

Eventually i got down, literally, and fucked myself silly. Laid on my bean bag and spread my legs–and hole–out wide and just took it over and over.


Sometimes i would ram it up me and just leave it info a few seconds, enjoying how it filled me up. Other times fast and furious or slow and easy.  It will all good.


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