Transformation Swimsuit Issue

I just received a complimentary copy of the latest Transformation, the Swim Suit Issue from Hanna.  Really appreciate that. I’ve been a big fan of Transformation, in fact of all the Centurian brands for quite awhile.  Get source of information, a voice for the community as well as providing entertainment in its pics and interviews.  Perhaps the biggest of which being the swimsuit issue.


This issue is always anticipated and contains a look of good pictures.  Outside summer picture are the best. Especially when swimsuits taken in front of a nice watery background are beautiful to look at for sure.

But that does;t answer the questions of why I got comped.  The reason, I’m proud to say is because I am in it.



Here’s my page (left) also out by the pool and dressed appropriately enough in several of my many swimsuits. Got to admit that I like taking picture outside by in and next to the pool on a nice bright summer day. Lots of nice backgrounds. Very relaxing and fun. So to have a few of them turn up in my favorite magazine is particularly gratifying.


As I often do to amuse Goddess Nikki i filmed a video clip which centered around this particular achievement.  The clip opens with me reading Transformation outside on the balcony.


After reading about, and looking at the swimsuit models, for a short time, I find myself getting antsy–and horny enough to do something about it.

Leaving my bedroom lanai I go to the kitchenette looking for something interesting that matches my green.  


And what I found was perfect. And very traditional in the world of diy toys.  What could be more appropriate than the ubiqutious cucumber,  A nice bit long one.  So from the bedroom kitchenette I get my ass–and hole–into my Hideaway and use that cucumber to fill up my hole.

The Transformation Magazine clip is posted to my clips4sale store and can be found at the left hand side bar.  And as always my entire clips store can be accessed on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

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