Visiting Goddess Nikki

I’ve been serving Goddess Nikki for over Ten Years, and  I am  finally going to visit Her at Her Las Vegas home.  Needless to say, I am beyond excited, but in a literal sense, like a kid at Christmas. But also in a sexual sense since a good bit of our relationship is based on my service to Her, which is a big turn on for me.  So as the days get closer i get hotter. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and after I did a quick picture gallery to post about the big event, I just couldn’t help the heat building up!

Eventually i had to do something about it and went looking for my Big Purple Toy.  When i located it, i decided to film it all.

It didn’t take me long to get situated, set up my cam and give all who wanted to see me fuck myself a look.



I spent most of the evening fucking my slutty hole trying to satisfy myself. While that didn’t really happen, I did film a rather hot clip of me filling my hole with the big purple toy. Great pics of my legs and feet again—and hot slutty action of me using this toy on myself posted on my clips store. Check it out by clicking on that clip on the recent update menu at the left on this blog.  Or check out my entire store by using the button at the tope to navigate to my store.

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