Valentine’s Day Cupid

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s, as on most holidays, i do a video clip, to sell at my clips store, but mostly to please Goddess Nikki.  This Valentine’s Day i did a clip entitled A Stupid Cupid.  It starts out by me showing off the Cupid’s Bow and Arrow i purchased on the web.


So here i am showing off my new toy. It also came with a Cupid’s Arrow. My plan was to use this Cupid’s Bow to shoot one of his arrows and attract myself a nice cock.

I should have just stuck with the arrow that came with the bow, but i decided to make some arrows of my own which were a little more blunt, can we say, and to the point.

On the right is the first arrow i devised and planned to shoot.  One that makes a person horny, rather than just fall in love in the traditional sense. Figured it was a good way to start the process i was interested in. lol  The second arrow got more graphic yet.


At lett is the second arrow i made.  It simply says let’s fuck! Short and sweet.  Well actually i hope it isn’t short and sweet.  Just sweet. lol

The arrows, however, as i explain in the clip, malfunction due to design flaws and return from whence they came. This cupid got stuck with her own arrows and ended up in desperate need of filling herself.



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