Edging in a Saturday Morning

As the explanation for this video clip goes, while most real men are golfing or even cleaning out their garage of working in their yards, i find myself all dolled up and horny. The reason i;m so horny is because of Goddess Nikki and the ever present chastity She has me locked into.  I’ve been told i am in this cage for life as intensity necessary for the excellent service She is used to getting from me had wained somewhat her the years.  Hopefully She said THIS would solve the problem. Since i am always aged there is obviously no masturbating. No orgasms.  All  that i have allowed are sissygasms.

While i have been working on learning first, how to achieve one, and later perfecting my skills, it took awhile and recently i have been experiencing huge Os doing things this way. Therefore, Goddess N has cut those off except when She specifically allows them, but has said that since i seem so desperate, i can edge all i want in this fashion. On this particular Saturday, i was absolutely desperate and needed something, and so while other men…


The way that is most effective for me, at this point at least, is to insert a plug up my hole so that i can tickle myself way deep inside. As the clip starts i show off my plug after i explain my predicament.

Then what i do is to sit on something and grind down on my plug.





It feels so good to just grind down and around on my plug while thinking about what is my state in life or look at something that will do the same thing and turn me on at the same time.  Many times this involves pics of my Goddess but many times it involves look at pics of people, scenes or other material that is Goddess approved so to speak.  Since She has from the inception of this ten year journey encouraged me to look at and be turned on by cocks, i have taken to looking at pictures of trans Women either teasing or those placed in situations that show them submissively in cages of their own and then taking on men with big cocks.  This clip a rather long one shows me doing just that.

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