Thanksgiving Day

hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  It is a tie, of course, for gathering with family and loved.  Unfortunately, our Thanksgiving has not been so happy.  Tragic circumstances for our family.  But since this Thanksgiving Day clip was already done, and i need diversion to take my mind off things, I’m going to post it anyway.

Today has traditionally been a day that was special to Goddess Nikki and i as it was one of my first photo shoots for Her.  My first full shoot i did for  a holiday to impress Her, called Stuffing the Bird.  It had to be something graphic to catch Her attention, and this did the trick.  i’m sure that anyone can figure out what i was doing there,  And i wanted to continue the tradition this year.



Here is the pertinent part of the “e-card” i am sending. And it’s the drumstick part that is relevant to my shoot. Somehow they always end up the same.



So here is my  Indian Maiden. I’ve said this before, but think it bears repeating so no one gets offended.  No disrespect here my great grandmother was Native American.  This indian is  bird who ends up getting stuffed most years.




And here i am, or shot;d I say she is, holding the big drumstick that was in my Thanksgiving card. This toppers is pretty big, measuring almost three inches in diameter.  The video clip begins this way, as I explain, for anyone who doesn’t know me, what is the basis of this, and the other clips


I guess you can guess where it’s going, left, and why it’s going there, right.


Eventually i end up like this picture on the left below.  And after some effort to impale myself with this monster and then the ultimate pleasure of using something this big (guess i’m a bit of a size queen) this is what is left of me, and my drumstick.

Here you can get a better look at my every present chastity, which is what usually causes me to do these things.  That, and the length of time, i am caged-and teased-by Goddess Nikki.

Come take a look at my clips4sale store and see me dressed as i am here using the big drumstick you see here.

It may be your last chance, and it may be my last blog post, i’m not sure.  It seems that Goddess Nikki is not super pleased with me right now. Don’t quite agree with Her take. And i have issues as well. Also,i don’t know how i feel either based on that and my own circumstances alluded to earlier.  So honor me-and Her-by getting this clip. 

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