Tunnel of Love

Hey! I wanted to share my newest clip update! It’s called tunnel of Love, and features my newest toy, “The Claw.’ This bad boy is awesome for a slut like me.  What is the Claw?  It is an expanding anal dilator.  What’s that you may still be saying.

As y’all can see this bad boy is a plug that once shoved up one’s hole, expands to a size of over three inches.  To say it is filling and for me satisfying, is an understatement. It felt great having this bad boy inside of me.  It stretches me out so wide and open.  The middles hollowed out and i am completely open to the outside world!

This toy screams for a video and obviously Goddess N thinks i need to be exposed, literally, so all can get a look at me.


As the clip begins, I show off the Claw, explain what it does and how it works, before I insert it inside my hole. I show myself and new toy off, with it inserted deep.  It actually looks kind of sexy and doubles, of course, as a butt plug.  I used the micrometer that Goddess Nikki sent me to measure the width of the toys and the other things I shove up my slutty hole, and this measured 3 inches spread .

Since it doesn’t have any middle ground, so to speak, things can be used very deep inside of me. Of course, this slut demonstrates the depth of my depravity by going deep with this normal sized dildo. It got so far up me that it felt like it was touching my inner sissy soul. 


I didn’t do it here, but just think of all the interesting things that could be poured in me. Just think of how easy it is now to get directly to my sissy g-spot.  The Tunnel of Love clip ends with some real up close, well more than up close really, pics of my slutty sissy hole. Cum take a look at my clips store. And y’all already now that you can buy my clips right from my blog!!!

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day and I want to say Thanks to all of our military, both past and present, for defending the freedom we have here, that allows the rest of us to enjoy a holiday weekend such as this.  It’s been beautiful all weekend.  So beautiful that it allowed me to take a few pics outside in the backyard even before it has been cleaned up with a spring cleaning.  Probably because spring has been so late in coming here.

Since it is a memorial of sorts for my woman stick as well, because of my new smaller chastity device it decided to use the day for my pics and to let you all know about my newest update.

So here i am outside dressed as i am in the new update entitled appropriately enough My New Chastity Size Does Matter.  In this clip Goddess Nikki’s Slut demonstrates the new smaller chastity Goddess N likes.  Here it a good look at my outfit with my super short skirt that is gathered in the front to allow my chastity to be visible.



Here’s a second outdoor shot showing me getting slutty for my Goddess outside.  i thought that this would be an edgy way to demonstrate my new device and my new resolve to be kinky and entertaining to Her and others watching.  i am wearing this little ensemble in my clip.



i end up being pretty hot in this new small cage. A cage which is smaller than the last as Goddess N continues to force my cock into smaller quarters and emasculate me further so that i can no longer have normal Os, but eventually only those anally induced.

After explaining Her intention and demonstrating this chastity’s small size, i end up on my back with my legs in the air. What else is new, racing a big black butt plug in and out of my hole. Cum check it out at my Clips 4 Sale store, right here.

Popper Trip

Just wanted to say the i posted a new clip on my C4S store.  This one is about my new appreciation for the old school poppers that seem to be making a resurgence these days. As some of you may recall they give to a bust of a kind of energy high that, as it turns out, is get for anal play.  Guess that’s why it has been refereed to as a “gay drug.”  They left out transgendered sissy sluts like me.  I tried using one, several times in previous to enhance the intensity of my self fucking with my toys.  Found out why they call them that as they seem to actually call for an anal, cock driven, response to their affect.

This time, and i’m sure there will be other times as well (lol), i tried to let the viewer see what it is like. Much like they would do in a movie.  So dressed like you see me here i use several toys and finally end with a popper.

What i was attempting to do was give the viewers a look at what it is like for me.  Time slows down as i am so focused on the intensity of the and play. So i decided to slow down the video for the “trip” into the zone papers create.  Fortunately for y’all you a get a slow motion up close and personal view of me driving my big toy cock in and out of my slutty hole!  Nice shots of my legs, feet and soles as well. Cum see for yourself what it;s like.

Forced Womanhood

Hey Everybody! i’m in Issue Issue 84 of Forced Womanhood Magazine!!!  It’s a thrill, and honor, to be included in any publication affiliated with Centurian. These folks understand what our community is all about, and they’ve been supporting us longer than anyone.  So we need to keep them in mind, even now when the internet has changed the landscape.

I especially appreciate the love given me by Editor Hanna Rodgers by including me.  She has made herself available via e-mail as well to answer my questions and accept my submissions.She even “comped” me these issues because i was in one. Pretty cool on a couple levels.  So thanks, Hanna.  Forced Womanhood has always been interesting for sissy cubbies like me. And, of course is a turn on to many as well.  So when i received these issues, I wanted to settle in any have a look. And I thought I might as well turn on my camera so I could show everyone what it is like to be an internet sissy like krissy—and to amuse Goddess Nikki.

So here i really have not looked at the magazines yet because i wanted other sissy types–or Domes might like my submissive attitude too–to see what’s it like to be a real internet sissy submissive.

So here I’m relaxing in a nice big rocking recliner in front of the doorway that goes out to our bedroom balcony.  My thought process was that this would be a nice sunny spot to relax and read–and otherwise enjoy myself! lol


Eventually i came to the spot that touts me as the Exposed Internet sissy slut that i am.  Shows me as Goddess Nikki’s foot bitch. Hanna requested some pictures when she approached me about this and i was understandably interested in which one she choose to include.


So, as i said you just knew the ubiquitous dildo, a pink one of course, that i had had the foresight to bring with me, appeared. After fondling my tits for a time i got that thing in me, where it belongs.

And this clip ends in me fucking myself right there on that chair! See for yourself by purchasing it here.

Happy Easter

Wishing all Christians a Happy Ester! And a special Holiday weekend  Shout Out to Goddess Nikki and all my followers here and on twitter. This year, since Goddess N was traveling home to Texas, Her gift from me ws build to travel. Who’s says you can’t take it with you! 

t right is the picture that Goddess N took when the package reached Her. It was all about Easter eggs.  Some filled with candy, i reasoned,She could just slip into Her travel bag and take along on Her trip, The other eggs were filled with Her fav–money>  She obviously will need some walking around money.  And latest the ubiquitous cigarettes were included as well.  Since Goddess N likes to show Her sissy off, i also included a disc with my St. Patrick’s Day offering.  My Goddess has told Her family all about me and they have seen me on many occasions. So I thought that since I tied my St. Pat’s clip to something that happened involving them, I would share it with them.

Since another holiday is upon us, I have, of course, updated my clips store with another clip to amuse my Goddess and entertain everyone else.  

So, at the beginning of this holiday clip, i am wishing everyone  happy day and reminding everyone that krissy helps the Easter Bunny deliver his eggs, by providing sissy eggs to all the sissies waiting for them.

Here;s several of the eggs in my sissy Easter basket.  Notice the nice faux fur on my basket. Each egg, however, is specially made by krissy cottontail




I’m holding one of my sisssy eggs so you can see one clearly.  Each one comes out sissy pink.  You may also notice that they are much bigger than eggs one would normally find at your local market. That is necessary, since size does matter to sissies.

But the trick is in the tail, as those of you who know me may recall.  This sissy Easter Bunny makes these eggs as only Krissy Cottontail can.  She lays them!!


So why not take a look and see them being laid up close and personal.  This sissy bunny lays more than one and she does it without taking a break in between the eggs.

Since this holiday offering is short, i have added a prequel to the laying of the Easter eggs. i show everyone how i get ready for a clip and making myself ready to lay the eggs. Check it out by clicking on the image in my Recent Clip updates to the left. Or check my entire store by using the menu bar at the top of this blog.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Wishing everyone who follows me here or on twitter.  Special St. Patric’s Day Shout to Goddess Nikki nd Her family on this festive day.  Perfect that it falls on a Saturday, right? Now everyone cam go out and drink green beer or whatever else they drink on St. Pad/s. i’m working on some payments on the Goddess credit cards, etc. She will be traveling soon.  Hopefully, by the time She gets back i can get Her the new camera (i want one lol) that She wants.

But in the meantime, it’s St. Pat’s so i sent Her $50 toward a dinner for Her and Web God.   Also, i did an update to my clips4sale store that my Goddess is sure to love.  She recently, made a comment to me, almost a throw away comment, that i was being lazy.  i really didn’t agree at the time, and i was a little whiny about some other things   Also, i’ve had some problems in my other life.  One of my doggies, my personal buddy lol has serious medical issues. So i’ve been distracted.  But when i thought about it, She was right.

So right here, publicly lol, i will start to saying to Her, that i love Her and i’m sorry the You felt that way.  i know that you’re serious s i haven’t heard a peep out of You lately.  So i decided to dispel the rumor that i am being lazy by doing a vintage St. Pat’s clip that i was sure my Goddess would appreciate. In this clip called St. Patrick’s Day Green, krissy the Leprechaun shows us her free clothes, green money, and green been


Here i am at the start of the movie.  i love this leprechaun outfit that i put together myself.  The skirt is just so cute. Shows off my tan legs.  After all that is my name. lol  Next i love my top hat and i have St. Pat;s shoes.  Green nails and toes (did i say it right ladies?)




i love my legal in this kid of get up. Isn’t that the point of being a sissy, Goddess?  i give y’all a quick view snd that includes my pot ‘o gold!  Two actually. One hd my modern day leprechaun’s diversified portfolio, jGold, silver, and American green backs, for the day.  The other had my favorite toys. 



Here i m, showing off my Pots O Golds. But if you look close, you’ll notice some green beer.  i felt it was an appropriate prop.  It kind of gave me a warm feeling, because back in the day, Goddess had called me on Thanksgiving from a party at a local restaurant.  They were drinking and i was sitting a home.  She wanted to know if i could get a bottle She was hold in a pic She sent up my hole.


They all laughed n d had a good time with it.  By New Years’s i sent a pic of me doing it.  But that was a long time ago.  Perhaps as a result, i decided to have some of the green beverage i’s bought for the occasion. krissy is not  drinker. i’m diabetic. But i decided to have some,

It wasn’t long before, what had been a short picture iAs i began to feel it i began to get horny.  i am, as always locked up tight.

Therefore, i did what sissies do.   Especially ones that are all dolled up and horny. i decided to use the toys in my second Pot O Gold, and, of course, film it my Goddess N.  i continued to drink throughout this clip and by the end of it, i was in the mood to do something more spectacular. A throw back to the days Goddess wants, i know. So drawing on  an old theme i decided to duplicate my feat of years ago.  It had been a long time so i wasn’t sure i could do its. But after some effort i finally filled myself up with the big end of that bottle. .  It felt, and looked fantastic.  This is one my best, and most graphic ,moving in a long time.  Own it out by using the side bar and clicking on it in the left hand, most recents.  Or check out my entire clips store, and that of Goddess Erotic Nikki  by using the menu bar at the top of this blog.

Valentine’s Day Cupid

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s, as on most holidays, i do a video clip, to sell at my clips store, but mostly to please Goddess Nikki.  This Valentine’s Day i did a clip entitled A Stupid Cupid.  It starts out by me showing off the Cupid’s Bow and Arrow i purchased on the web.


So here i am showing off my new toy. It also came with a Cupid’s Arrow. My plan was to use this Cupid’s Bow to shoot one of his arrows and attract myself a nice cock.

I should have just stuck with the arrow that came with the bow, but i decided to make some arrows of my own which were a little more blunt, can we say, and to the point.

On the right is the first arrow i devised and planned to shoot.  One that makes a person horny, rather than just fall in love in the traditional sense. Figured it was a good way to start the process i was interested in. lol  The second arrow got more graphic yet.


At lett is the second arrow i made.  It simply says let’s fuck! Short and sweet.  Well actually i hope it isn’t short and sweet.  Just sweet. lol

The arrows, however, as i explain in the clip, malfunction due to design flaws and return from whence they came. This cupid got stuck with her own arrows and ended up in desperate need of filling herself.



Check either the left hand side bar, if it still recent or check out my whole store at the top menu bar for this clip or all of the others i’ve done.

Edging in a Saturday Morning

As the explanation for this video clip goes, while most real men are golfing or even cleaning out their garage of working in their yards, i find myself all dolled up and horny. The reason i;m so horny is because of Goddess Nikki and the ever present chastity She has me locked into.  I’ve been told i am in this cage for life as intensity necessary for the excellent service She is used to getting from me had wained somewhat her the years.  Hopefully She said THIS would solve the problem. Since i am always aged there is obviously no masturbating. No orgasms.  All  that i have allowed are sissygasms.

While i have been working on learning first, how to achieve one, and later perfecting my skills, it took awhile and recently i have been experiencing huge Os doing things this way. Therefore, Goddess N has cut those off except when She specifically allows them, but has said that since i seem so desperate, i can edge all i want in this fashion. On this particular Saturday, i was absolutely desperate and needed something, and so while other men…


The way that is most effective for me, at this point at least, is to insert a plug up my hole so that i can tickle myself way deep inside. As the clip starts i show off my plug after i explain my predicament.

Then what i do is to sit on something and grind down on my plug.





It feels so good to just grind down and around on my plug while thinking about what is my state in life or look at something that will do the same thing and turn me on at the same time.  Many times this involves pics of my Goddess but many times it involves look at pics of people, scenes or other material that is Goddess approved so to speak.  Since She has from the inception of this ten year journey encouraged me to look at and be turned on by cocks, i have taken to looking at pictures of trans Women either teasing or those placed in situations that show them submissively in cages of their own and then taking on men with big cocks.  This clip a rather long one shows me doing just that.

As always You can check the recent updates on the left, or if it is no longer there, my entire store can be accessed on the menu bar at the top of this blog.

Happy New Year’s

Happy New Year to everyone, including my followers of this blog and on twitter.  I also want to wish a special New Year’s Shout Out to Goddess Nikki.  As per usual on holidays, i put together a video clip for the occasion. Since it is New Year’s Eve I decided to get dressed up and be a little classy.  I’lll bet that Y’all didn’t even realize that i had dresses like this one, but here I am am in a slinky black sequined dress, and a nice necklace and matching earrings. All the way down to my bling shores with matching sparkle nail polish.








And of course I did a video clip for my clips store.  And i was able to use as a part of it something Goddess N sent me for Christmas.









And here is what Goddess N sent me for a Christmas. A huge set of anal beads.  Essentially a sets of balls on a string. Now everyone knows what these are for, and i make use of them in this video clip.  I haven’t had much time to practice with them. In fact I had not time to practice with them, and it was my first attempt in this clip. Also here is a good look at my bling pants that Goddess N sent m last year.


And here i am working them in and out of me.  They are pretty big, but what makes them worse is the “string” between them that makes them so long.  But i was able to squeeze them pretty much all the way end on tis first try.





So if you want to watch me do it, please take a look at my clip I posted yesterday on New Years’s Eve. You can order it right here in the recent updates to the left–until more updates take it place. Or at the top of  the menu this blog after that.

Merry Christmas

It;s Christmas Day and, of course, it is a time for giving and gifting. And we sissy types are no exception. So a few days ago, i wrapped up all of my gifts to Goddess Nikki to get them ready to send and first set them out under my pink sissy tree to check them out–and take a few pictures.


So here are all of the presents set beside the tree. As you’ll see there are way too many presents to be able to fit in a single package so it will be a little challenge to get them out there.

In the meantime, since i am, in essence, a present of sorts to Goddess N, i decided to take a place next to the tree, appropriately enough wrapped my an outfit that doubles as a wrapped Christmas present.


So here i am dressed as a gift, complete with a nice ribbon and box on my top as well as my thong panties.

I love this little Christmas time outfit and it is perfect for my purposes here, of course.





You can get a little better look at the gifts i sent to my Goddess.  There are a couple bigger presents. These are two forms of wall art to hang behind here that y’all will be able to see in Her video clips.  One a rather large canvas painting.  The other a group of three canvas type of renderings that hang together. lol The

Now the next thing as to get them packaged and sent out to Goddess Nikki.  I am always nervous about getting these things in packages and getting them sent—especially for a price that doesn’t rival the costs of the gifts themselves.  But here they are after arriving at their destination,

As you can see, there turned out to be four packages. Three that i had to send, and a forty one that was sent directly, as that was the only way to do it, based on availability of the item. One of the packages contained things that we, both my Wife and i, sent to Goddess N and Her family.

The only thing left to worry about now is whether or not everyone likes what we sent. Hopefully it will be a Merry Christmas for all of us! So I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and Especially Goddess N and her family!