Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish all the Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day.  They all do so much for us and on this, their day, we should acknowledge all that they do. I especially want to wish a happy day to Goddess Nikki. I Always try to do things that will make life a little easier for them. So on this day I sent Her something that She wanted that would allow Her to make Her speciality drinks at home, without having to go out somewhere to get one. The Ninja Coffee Bar is perfect for that. She has become increasingly enamored with these types of drinks so this was a perfect gift. Sure She will like it since She has been saying that She wants one

Sissy Easter Bunny Lays Easter Eggs

Hope everybody had a Happy Easter. I say had because this Easter message had to be posted a bit late, due to technical problems.. But we are all good to go now. In any event, for Easter an update was posted at my clips store. As you may have guessed lol it’s an Easter tome that reveals, at last, how sissy Easter Eggs are produced.  The video starts out with a short slide show. First with the Easter Basket the Easter Bunny is carrying. Actually i’m using the basket i gave to Goddess Nikki.

Here’s a close up of the Easter Basket. There’s all kinds of goodies, but what Goddess Nikki is interested in are the golden eggs which have become a tradition.

Below is a pic of the basket with the eggs opened that Goddess N sent back to me.

This time with the eggs opened.  In fact they are the only things opened at that point. As you can see, they contain money. While i later learned that She spent on nail care products.

Next the slide show shows the Easter Bunny stripping off her Easter Bunny attire, to be better able to demonstrate how the Easter Eggs are produced. 



Here i am carrying the easter Basket and then dressed as a slutty Easter Bunny. What other king would i be?



Looks slutty with the tight skirt and tied up sheer top i think, don’t you? And then first in the slide show and later in the video i strip off enough clothes to demonstrate. 

Here i’m stripping down my slutty sequined  skirt.





Here the skirt finally comes off, and i am ready to demonstrate my Easter Egg laying technique. 


If you look real close, you can barely see the egg emerging.  It was really hard to get a picture of this as my hole has been spread so much the eggs had a tendency to slip out when they got to that point. But next came a a video clip of this sissy bunny striping down as in the stills and then demonstrating her Easter Egg laying skills. By the end of the video segment i had laid five Easter Eggs and my nest looked like this.


So there they are. Laid eggs!! It was a little difficult carrying around those five eggs inside of me. But i think that y’all will get a kick out of seeng me lay them. Hopefully, Goddess Nikki will appreciate my effort.

And speaking of effort, a lot more went into the Easter Epilog to this movie. Then 9 minutes of me myself to exhaustion, As i explained in the epilog, those eggs rolling around inside me were like having five Ben Wa balls in me. And by the time i laid those Easter Eggs, i was really hot, and needed to get some relief. So all in all this holiday clip is a montage of effects, from the slide show to the “cute” sissy exhibition to an all out fucking. A good day’s effort for a sissy slut like my Goddess likes, and i need to be.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Pat’s. Especially Goddess Nikki. Since this year it falls on a Friday, I’m sure that a lot of you will find themselves at their favorite Irish Pub drinking green beer and other spirits and reveling with all those enjoying the day. As per usual this Leprechaun has produced  a video clip, to amuse Goddess Nikki, and posted it to my C4S Clip Store. St Pats 2017

In this clip i am an Irish Leprechaun. The reason for that on this day is easy.  Leprechauns, as everybody knows, have a Pot of Gold, and i, it seems, i spend most of my time raising money to provide for Goddess Nikki.  St Pats 2017 #2

On my Leprechaun attire there are several dollar signs which spell out my predicament. How do i keep up with my Goddess financially. How do i maintain the credit card that i provide for Her use. She likes to be able to have me pay for things instantly, like when She’ shopping—or gambling. After all She lives in Vegas.St Pats 2017 #3

You may be able to see the $ on my vest, and if you’ll notice there is money flowing out of my pot of gold, next to me. That represents the money i am spending to shore up the card balance. St. Pats 2017 #4

Here i am holding the payment recently on Her card, just to TRY to keep up.


But it dawned on me that thanks to Goddess N’s training, i already have a skill that can make money. And it’s as plain at the $ on my ass. It’s visible if you look close. All i have to do is use that ass to make money. So i stripped off my Leprechaun shorts and decided to make use of it.

St Pats 2017 #5

Here’s my Leprechaun plug with the Shamrock on it. That comes out and in the movie this sissy Leprechaun explains briefly my financial dilemma. How hard it is to keep up. And then what i plan to do about it. It becomes obvious that my sissy gold consists of my toys, which now fill my sissy Pot “O Gold, and use them to entertain people. First in this clip that i just posted to my Clips 4Sale store. In that clip i use each and every toy in my hole while the viewer gets to watch. The video of me fucking and sucking, in some ass to mouth action, ll of these toys can be ordered by clicking the link in the side bar to the left. In fact in many of my movies i use my ass.  But not with all of these toys at once. So if you like to see a sissy get stretched out, look no further. In my movies, and also i will demonstrate LIVE on cam! Contact me

St Pats 2017 #6St Pats 2017 #7



Ass to Mouth Meltdown

Wanted to tell you about the new clip that just got uploaded to my Clips4Sale store.The clip called Sutty Sissy Ass to Mouth Meltdown was done after I got a look at a clip Goddess Nikki made for me. I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for that clip and She’s been taunting me with even the thought of it. It’s not the kind of clip that fans of Hers get to see. No this is a special one, made just for me, and done because of the things i’ve done over the years for Her as Her slave. In that role, i sent Her a toy She wanted, which i guess i could call i male torso, a male worse with a rather large cock that She plans to demonstrate for me.  And it get any better than that. Goddess N wearing  nothing and having an encounter with that cock. Also it helps that I recently gave Her a credit card to use. lol  But when i got a look at that clip… Well first She sent me a couple of teasers, and then the clip. But by the time i actually got a look at the clip i was really hot and desperate to scratch that itch, so i did the clip update.

Ass to Mouth Meltdown

Here’s what i looked like at the beginning of the update. And I immediately began to use this toy with all of the ridges that feel so good going in and out almost immediately. And after some time like that i found myself on the floor pounding my sissy hole.Ass to Mouth Meltdown #3

From there it didn’t take long before I was sucking and licking both this toys and a larger one that was similar. I found myself fucking and sucking that dildo without even thinking about what i was doing; Just how hot I was and how good it was feeling. It felt good, and even tasted good, as I went about the business of satisfying myself.Ass to Mouth Meltdown #2

I got hotter and hotter as I sucked and fucked and the clip actually turned out pretty hot.Ass to Mouth #4

So I’ve posted a few stills from the clip here so everyone can get an idea of what i’m talking about. But what happened here is take Goddess Nikki looked so beautiful, so hot, that I was just an hot even to film my sissy meltdown, which included my hot ass to mouth, back to my ass and again in my mouth to try to satisfy my hot wide open hole and slutty mouth. You can order your copy in the side bar to the left, or use my Clips4Sale link at the top of my blog.





I want to wish everyone following me here and on twitter a Happy Valentine’s Day. Today is a special day for those who have special people in our lives. So with that in mind i want to wish a special day to Goddess Nikki who is obviously quite special to me. This year i found  a way to make the day special, in pics, by using something that we all have seen repeatedly over the years on this day.    Valentine 2017

These little hearts, each with their own little sayings.  Can’t help but look through them to see what they say.    Valentine 2017 #2

So here i am with a handful of these little conversation starters that people p[ayfully give each other. Whether they are in a relationship portraying to start one.  They are small, obviously–they’re candy lol– and so they are kind of hard to see here.


Valentine 2017 #3Valentine 2017 #4

You probably can’t see it by the small heart says kiss me.  So i’ve got a bigger version of a conversation heart in the other picture.

But as you might have known, krissy has her own way of doing things. Her own spin on things. Valentine #5



i found these when i was looking for Valentine gifts for Goddess Nikki. While looking a ran across this novelty item that i think is kind of fun and can convey my sentiments in a different way then one might expect. And here is am with a conversation heart right where it does the most good and lets any potential sexual partners know exactly what i want, and where i want it.Valentine 2017 #5


Fits in me real nice, even if it is little small for someone as slutty as i am. But it is perfect for the day.  And different. Valentine 2017 #6

I said my new year;s resolution was going to be to find a cock to make my own. One that would be mine


I said that my new year’s resolution was going to be to find a cock to make my own.  a cock, or a Strap On, that would “Be Mine.”

Sure that Goddess Nikki will approve and be amused.

Happy New Year

Want to Wish All a Happy New Year. My followers on twitter as well as readers of this blog, and especially Goddess Nikki. New Year 2017As you will notice, i am wearing a New Year’s Eve gown, as I use a noise maker to ring in the New Year. Here’s a better look at just my gown below.New Year 2017 #2

My dress is perfect for the New Year, kind of glittery. And i have gone all out with long gorgeous long bright red nails that go perfectly with my holiday theme.


This is also the same attire that i am wearing in my video clip update posted in my clips4sale store.  In the clip i lay out my New Year’s Resolutions.  First, to better serve Goddess Nikki. i try to make that a goal every year. And second to suck and fuck a nice big cock. Preferably a nice hung trans woman, but i mention that i am open to other possibilities. In the meantime, i need to be practicing with my dildos and other toys, and i decide to demonstrate so that the viewers would see what i was capable of.  New Year 2017 #3

So i begin to slide my dress down, first over my tits in my sheer matching bra, and then down past the matching and equally sheer panties.

New Year 2017 #4

You can probably notice a different chastity device. Goddess N is experimenting with a chastity that will do what She wants

After i get the gown off, i use two dildos in my hole, one of which is shown here.  New Year 2017 #5


The New Year’s update is now uploaded to my Clips4sale store.  The New Year’s update is shown at the side bar panel at the left, and you can get it by clicking on the image. Or you can go to my clips store showing all of my clips by using the link on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

So i hop that everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year. Also lets all pray for peace on earth between all peoples. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas!  For many of us, this is the best day of the year,  The giving–and the receiving lol.  All the festivities, the get togethers, and the time away from work.  It’s a special time of each year.  Want to wish Goddess Erotic Nikki a very special day, as well as Her family, which iu have all got to know over the years. To acknowledge the day, and maybe to promote my latest update-lol-here are a few Chrismas pics to mark the day and show off my big sock.

Christmas 2016Christmas 2016 #2

As one can see, this sock is big enough to fit inside. So i decided it would make a nice picture.  It also gave me the idea for a new video clip update for my clips4sale store!

In the video clip i also climb into the sock,wondered what it would be like to wake up Christmas morning with your stocking stuffed with a real stocking stuffer. Your very own fuck doll. Dressed more appropriate for such a toy (but you get the idea), i mention the benefits  and then demonstrate, in one of my more graphic displays of fucking and sucking you’ll seed. Check out my  latest update at my clips store.Christmas 2016 #4

Christmas 2016 #3


The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve 2016 Christmas Eve is the best night of the year.  Some think even better than Christmas itself, What with all the anticipation of the next day, and the next day’s gifts, with everybody getting together and everything that goes with the biggest day of the year.  Also as our followers know, i spent all kinds of time and effort  trying to get Goddess Nikki’s gifts together and get them to Her. So it was more than a bit irritating when UPS totally screwed up the delivery and separated the two boxes i had sent into separate deliveries. One of which arrived on time, oddly enough the big box i sent, while the smaller one will now be delivered on Tuesday.  i will not point, and further, Christmas Eve by winning about how incompetent UPS, and this particular clerk were.  Rather, i will just say here that it was a tremendous disappointment and spend this time  rather to have krissy claus show y’all and my Goddess the entire array of gifts i sent that She should be opening on Christmas morning,.

Christmas Eve 2016 #2

So here i am, Krissy Claus getting all my gifts together For Goddess Nikki. You can see packages of various sizes and shapes, along with a big Christmas stocking. And although it isn’t exactly hung by the chimney, it is filled with gifts and goodies.  The kind of goodies that are the favorites of Goddess N, and as i mentioned to Her. Krissy Claus fee;s that each stocking must be made especially for its recipient. So i hope She likes it, and these other gifts, both now and when the rest of them get to Her. Can’t wait to see Her reaction to all the gifts i sent.



Christmas Eve 2016 #3And although there was a lot of time and effort that always goes into Christmas. The gifts the video clips i do, plus this blog, there is something else these days that i always try to do, and that;s make sure Her credit card gets caught up and paid down.







So i want to send Her this gift of giving as well, and She would know how much got paid on Her card—and so She could go out gambling tonight. It a Goddess Way to spend Christmas Eve. Hopefully She’ll be happy with all my effort, including my financial effort. lol

Delivering Christmas Packages

Well its getting pretty near to Christmas Day.   The best day of the year! And it is time for krissyclaus to be delivering her Christmas packages to Goddess Nikki> So i have got them all bundled up in my sack–well, at least the kind of sack krissyclau has to use.

Delivering Christmas Packages 2016

So here i am just prior to getting to my sleigh lol the UPS truck. Just hoping that i can lift the packages around both getting them there and getting them to my elf, i.e. the postal clerks.

Delivering Christmas Packages 2016 #2

Here’s a close up of my task. Actually worried about getting them in the car and into the UPS office. Since i’ve been injured i’m not at able to do these things as i used to be. In any event, there is always one driving force that keeps me motivated and gets me going.

Delivering Christmas Packages 2016 #3

See it? The motivator? It’s just visible underneath my hiked up skirt. What else is new? Seems my skirt is always hiked up and y’all know that i’m always caged.

Hope Goddes Nikki likes them. It costs a bundle to send them, especially with guaranteed service. As always, i am on pins and needles hoping She likes. There is, as i am sure She knows, another thing i’ll do in honor of the holiday, as well.

Merry Christmas, Goddess!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Want to wish a Happy Turkey Day to everyone.  All of you reading my blog or following me on Twitter. And especially Goddess Nikki on this day which is rather special to us.  It was Thanksgiving many years ago when i sent Goddess N my first Thanksgiving Day card, an Internet card of sorts, which started a tradition that We/we have had ever since. Some of you may recall the story since i’ve told it before, but on this day, in an attempt to grab Her attention, i made an internet car, by getting a close up picture of the card i wanted to use and then had it morph into a picture gallery.  The card was a funny one about the turkey getting up set when he realized he was going to be stuffed.  Since stuffing the bird was the theme of the card it wa also the theme of my photo gallery.  Over the years the photo gallery gallery turned into a video shoot, And i now post those clips at my clips4 sale store.

Thanksgiving 2016


Since in my first photo gallery i dressed as as an Indian for a traditional feel, i still do that each year. And here is the setting for my video this year

Thanksgiving 2016 #2

This bird started out this clip by explaining a little of the Thanksgiving tradition which has evolved while i displayed some of the past items i have used to stuff the bird. Actually demonstrating technique involved in preparing our bird for dinner. and showing me getting stuffed with them.

Thanksgiving 2016 #3


But a big part of the tradition in continuing to amuse Goddess N is that each year i have managed to use something bigger to stretch myself wider. And this year i have come up with this monster you see me holding to the left.  In this video clip, after stuffing myself with other stuffing material, actually getting some of the ingredients all the way in my until they disappear, i manage to get this big thing up me for nice widening, effect.


So fi you want to see this bird get really stretched out then check out my latest installment in this Thanksgiving series now posted on my clips store. You can navigate right to this Thanksgiving treat by clicking on it’s image displayed at the left hand side bar. You can also check all the clips at my clips store by clicking the link at the top of this page