Blue Balls Blue Toy

Updated my clips store with a clip that saw me tangled up in blue as Dylan once sang. After having been caged for the last two years, i have been without a regular orgasm. So i have serious blue balls, and wearing blue, i decided to use a matching blue toy to have some fun the only way i still can.

So here i am (right) showing off my blue outfit, right from my blue hair on down to my painted blue toes.

Watch me first lick and suck my toy. Lots of licking and sucking action to get it lubed up for what’s to come next.



So here’s what you;ll see to start. This sissy getting herself ready to bury this thing in my slutty hole




Have some fun watching me have my fun. Sliding it in and out over and over. i’m all blue in this one.

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Popping Off Too

As you may recall, i made a clip a short time ago call Poppin’ Off.  Made this when, thanks to some late night tweets by TS Jamie French I discovered the benefits of “poppers” to those like me.  It seems that these little darlings are an incredible intensifier to anal pleasures. Especially when paired with big fucking toys that she called intruders. So wanting to find out for myself I tried it, and as I said then, Wow oh Wow!

Well, turn the clock to Labor Day Weekend. Of course, I did my nail and toes in red.  Come fuck me red.  Red nail polish, especially red toenails, always get me hot and wanting to watch them as I slide something in my fuck hole. So it was time to pop the intruder in me so to speak.


So here I am painted up in red with my big plug intruder.  This thing feels awesome enough without any help, but the poppers, much to my surprise, make it even better.




So in this clip, using the poppers for extra energy, I ram this big plug in and out of my hole until I was exhausted.  It felt so good as it was literally popping in and out of me.  It was awesome, and that was apparent. 



And when all was said and done, I was left with a hugh gasping hole, and a look of total pleasure on my exhausted face. If you like seeing a sissy fuck herself silly, you’ll love this one. Buy it on the side bar at left or visit my store in the menu at the top of this blog.

End of Summer Fireworks

Last weekend marked the end of summer, and to mark the occasion I filed a new update that sent the summer out with a bang.  Some fireworks of my own to end the season. It was so nice over the Labor Day weekend I decided to film my fireworks outside, in the pool.


So here I am, right, in the pool, with an appropriate swimsuit and and matching nails and lips in a luscious come fuck me redo the name of the clip,





So after taking a few minutes in the pool and getting myself unplugged, I grabbed a matching toy. 






Next, I use the toy to create some fireworks of my own, right in my pool. In the clip I use my red toy in and out of my hole. Right there in the broad daylight I let the viewers watch me use it.

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Labor Day Grind

Can’t believe that Labor Day arrived and Summer is almost over.  As per usual I am using the holiday as a reason, and a backdrop, for a video clip. As some of you may know, Goddess Nikki likes me to do video updates on all holidays.  She likes to keep us visible at those times and she is usually amused by what i come up with.  So this is the outfit that I wore for Labor Day.


Cute outfit for a sissy subbie, don’t you think?  But beside the obvious patriotic American theme the extremely short skirt lends itself to the clip i was doing. 

Views from the front and back shown here.

The plan was for me to strip off the panties so that i could use the plug that i was wearing. As always i am still caged in my pink chastity.



See how the short short skirt reveals so nicely my chastity.  It also allows me to use the plug in me unfettered by any clothing, as well.  And since I am caged, as  always, I can only think about having a sissygasm anally. So i literally pull up a chair and sit on it to grind on my plug.  Thus the name Labor Day grind. Slaves, subbies, and sissies will appreciate my predicament as well as my forced solution to see how a slave deals with her situation. My Labor Day clip is shown in the left hand side bar, and my entire clips store in the   menu at the top.

Transformation Swimsuit Issue

I just received a complimentary copy of the latest Transformation, the Swim Suit Issue from Hanna.  Really appreciate that. I’ve been a big fan of Transformation, in fact of all the Centurian brands for quite awhile.  Get source of information, a voice for the community as well as providing entertainment in its pics and interviews.  Perhaps the biggest of which being the swimsuit issue.


This issue is always anticipated and contains a look of good pictures.  Outside summer picture are the best. Especially when swimsuits taken in front of a nice watery background are beautiful to look at for sure.

But that does;t answer the questions of why I got comped.  The reason, I’m proud to say is because I am in it.



Here’s my page (left) also out by the pool and dressed appropriately enough in several of my many swimsuits. Got to admit that I like taking picture outside by in and next to the pool on a nice bright summer day. Lots of nice backgrounds. Very relaxing and fun. So to have a few of them turn up in my favorite magazine is particularly gratifying.


As I often do to amuse Goddess Nikki i filmed a video clip which centered around this particular achievement.  The clip opens with me reading Transformation outside on the balcony.


After reading about, and looking at the swimsuit models, for a short time, I find myself getting antsy–and horny enough to do something about it.

Leaving my bedroom lanai I go to the kitchenette looking for something interesting that matches my green.  


And what I found was perfect. And very traditional in the world of diy toys.  What could be more appropriate than the ubiqutious cucumber,  A nice bit long one.  So from the bedroom kitchenette I get my ass–and hole–into my Hideaway and use that cucumber to fill up my hole.

The Transformation Magazine clip is posted to my clips4sale store and can be found at the left hand side bar.  And as always my entire clips store can be accessed on the menu bar at the top of my blog.

Happy Birthday

As some of you may know my birthday was a few weeks ago. i am one lucky slave because my Goddess send me a couple of packages for my special day.

Since Goddess Nikki said She would meet me on cam for the occasion, i had things ready when She called. Things started out with me providing the evening’s entertainment doing a quick strip, and i ended up looking like i do here, holding the packages.At that point i opened the gifts from Goddess N, which were quite interesting.  The first package turned out to be a micrometer.  Most of you probably know it measures the diameter, or thickness, of things that are round and hard t measure.  She gave it to me so that i could measure the thickness of my toys. lol  What a hoot.  And it’s digital so i will be able to tell you when I do a clip how thick the toy is that i am rating up my hole, speeding it out. Can’t wait to measure a couple things that i have not been quite sure of.


The second package was four pairs of leggings. As y’all probably know, leggings are all the range. And since Goddess N felt like they wanted to see what i looked like in them, She send them for my birthday.  Her idea was for me to wear them with some heels and to achieve a trashy trendy kind of look.











Pink Chastity

Recently Goddess Nikki decided to put me into a new chastity. Ostensibly, the reason is to reduce problems for Her in removing the metal one when i passed through metal detectors, but i think She like the sissy pink color. lol It does work quite well in keeping me away from my sissy clitty.  And as She points out, it looks so cute with my outfits.

To show it off i decided to make a clip to post at my clips store showing it off. The clip begins with me explaining the situation, as I have here.

I am dressed as i am here (left) when I first expose it to view.  Others like me will agree that it looks cute with this matching pink outfit.

Eventually i strip off my panties to fully expose it–and use my sissy hole. What else is new. But before that i rub lotion on my legs and feet.



Here i am while while rubbing the lotion and showing off my legs and feet.



I later took the close up (right) to give y’all a good look. But sissies, subbies and slaves, as well as some Domes, will like this clip.  It is a good representation of what it takes to be a sissy subbie to a Dominant Woman such as Goddess Nikki.  Click the link on the left hand side bar of this blog to purchase.  Or to navigate directly to my clips store for all my clips click on the button on the top menu.






Poppin’ Off

A few weeks back a gorgeous TS girl I follow posted some late night tweets.  It seems that she was extremely horny and needed to get fucked.  Trouble was, at that late hour she was having trouble hooking up with her normal fuck mates.  So she decided to get herself some runners=up. A substitute if you will.  Those tweets caught my attention and I answered her. She noticed and liked my responses.

The runners-up she posted consisted of a big anal plug, called the intruder and a small vile of  alkyl nitrate,common;y referred to as “poppers.” These little bottles of joy produce a short intense high.  They are sometimes referred to as a gay thing.  I never understood any of this, but since this TS beauty was posting them together as runners-up in the nights quest to get fucked, I figured that using these two things together must be pretty intense.She finally found someone to fuck her, and as she even noted, got paid to boot(y).So I never got to hear about, or see, the experience.

I however, decided to try this out for myself, since Goddess Nikki has me locked in chastity all the time and my only source of relief is my hole. I also decided to film the experience for all to see. (Goddess N is requiring that I send Her a private copy,)


So one night, dressed in this bra and panties, I decided to test out my new friend and shoot a movie of it all. I started out like you see me here (left) showing the popper, my big intruder type butt plug and explaining what I am about to do and why.

I remove the sealed cap top and get ready to inhale the popper before I ram my plug up my hole.


Wow oh Wow!! The plug felt soooo good going up!  The feeling was way more intense than usual and i could immediately see why some refer to these as a gay drug.

It felt incredible going in and out of my hole, actually making a popping sound as the fat end squeezed in my hole and then out again. Spreading it out and making me feel each and every stroke.


I went on for what seemed like forever the feelings were so intense. My hole being spread so wide, open and wet

Eventually i got down, literally, and fucked myself silly. Laid on my bean bag and spread my legs–and hole–out wide and just took it over and over.


Sometimes i would ram it up me and just leave it info a few seconds, enjoying how it filled me up. Other times fast and furious or slow and easy.  It will all good.


So check out my lasterst update at my clips store at Or you can click the link on the left, Or visit my store using the menu at the top of this blog.






Anatomy of a slave

A few weeks ago, Goddess Nikki posted a pixelated clip that was meant as a tease for all of Her devoted fans.  It was good as a tease, of course, but by paying a sizable tribute Goddess N unpixelated that same clip for Her number one subbie. In this version, everything, and i do mean everything was clearly visible. Goddess N, however, decided to carry things one step further.

First, i was allowed, after two years, to remove my chastity. That didn’t mean that i was allowed to masturbate or otherwise get off.  She told me, and i quote, to air it out a bit. She likes to really test my resolve by putting me in a position to easily disobey and how i do.  And in this case, She wanted to see, what damage She’d done. Just how small and weak my stick had become over the years.  She was demonstrating, i’m sure, that i had been been trained and emasculated so well that i would be small and not be getting hard even looking at Her!

Of course i had to show Her and i filmed a clip of my response.  Here are some stills of that clip, which is entitled Anatomy of a salve.  Checking my anatomy physically and mentally.  I start off dressed like this, and then do a strip. 

I look liked this as a tell the viewer about the clip and what is going to happen.

Next I start to strip off my clothes.  What else is new, and that’s the way Goddess N likes Her sissy slut.




After i get out of my clothes, everyone will be able to see how my stick is doing after all of this time.  All of you wanna-be subs should take particular note of this.


Initially i am still wearing my chastity. The one I’ve been wearing all of that time.

As you can see, it’s not much to get excited about after all of this time.  But still a little bigger than i was fearful it would have become.


But next, She had me watching the movie clip and i start to go through my progressions, so to speak.  First after watching it once, then twice, and so forth, until i get to a point of several hours.  And by that time, believe it or not, prissy’s stick still had a little life.

Here is our gal, at right, showing off her stick which still looks nice, lol, after i’ve been exposed to Goddess N’s womanhood in full color up close and personal.  It just shows the power She has over me.  This, however, was not especially pleasing to Her though, and so without even allowing me a stroke, She put me back into a small cage that i had.











Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish all the Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day.  They all do so much for us and on this, their day, we should acknowledge all that they do. I especially want to wish a happy day to Goddess Nikki. I Always try to do things that will make life a little easier for them. So on this day I sent Her something that She wanted that would allow Her to make Her speciality drinks at home, without having to go out somewhere to get one. The Ninja Coffee Bar is perfect for that. She has become increasingly enamored with these types of drinks so this was a perfect gift. Sure She will like it since She has been saying that She wants one