Happy New Year’s

Happy New Year to everyone, including my followers of this blog and on twitter.  I also want to wish a special New Year’s Shout Out to Goddess Nikki.  As per usual on holidays, i put together a video clip for the occasion. Since it is New Year’s Eve I decided to get dressed up and be a little classy.  I’lll bet that Y’all didn’t even realize that i had dresses like this one, but here I am am in a slinky black sequined dress, and a nice necklace and matching earrings. All the way down to my bling shores with matching sparkle nail polish.








And of course I did a video clip for my clips store.  And i was able to use as a part of it something Goddess N sent me for Christmas.









And here is what Goddess N sent me for a Christmas. A huge set of anal beads.  Essentially a sets of balls on a string. Now everyone knows what these are for, and i make use of them in this video clip.  I haven’t had much time to practice with them. In fact I had not time to practice with them, and it was my first attempt in this clip. Also here is a good look at my bling pants that Goddess N sent m last year.


And here i am working them in and out of me.  They are pretty big, but what makes them worse is the “string” between them that makes them so long.  But i was able to squeeze them pretty much all the way end on tis first try.





So if you want to watch me do it, please take a look at my clip I posted yesterday on New Years’s Eve. You can order it right here in the recent updates to the left–until more updates take it place. Or at the top of  the menu this blog after that.

Merry Christmas

It;s Christmas Day and, of course, it is a time for giving and gifting. And we sissy types are no exception. So a few days ago, i wrapped up all of my gifts to Goddess Nikki to get them ready to send and first set them out under my pink sissy tree to check them out–and take a few pictures.


So here are all of the presents set beside the tree. As you’ll see there are way too many presents to be able to fit in a single package so it will be a little challenge to get them out there.

In the meantime, since i am, in essence, a present of sorts to Goddess N, i decided to take a place next to the tree, appropriately enough wrapped my an outfit that doubles as a wrapped Christmas present.


So here i am dressed as a gift, complete with a nice ribbon and box on my top as well as my thong panties.

I love this little Christmas time outfit and it is perfect for my purposes here, of course.





You can get a little better look at the gifts i sent to my Goddess.  There are a couple bigger presents. These are two forms of wall art to hang behind here that y’all will be able to see in Her video clips.  One a rather large canvas painting.  The other a group of three canvas type of renderings that hang together. lol The

Now the next thing as to get them packaged and sent out to Goddess Nikki.  I am always nervous about getting these things in packages and getting them sent—especially for a price that doesn’t rival the costs of the gifts themselves.  But here they are after arriving at their destination,

As you can see, there turned out to be four packages. Three that i had to send, and a forty one that was sent directly, as that was the only way to do it, based on availability of the item. One of the packages contained things that we, both my Wife and i, sent to Goddess N and Her family.

The only thing left to worry about now is whether or not everyone likes what we sent. Hopefully it will be a Merry Christmas for all of us! So I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and Especially Goddess N and her family!

Candy Cane Slut Too

This year at Christmas time I decided to reprise my role as the Candy Cane Slut.  A few years ago, I posted a video clip at the behest of Goddess Nikki on the We Whip Ass site. There it was viewed by a number of people including a number of Dommes that wee members there. It was a hit there and over the years I have heard from a number of people telling me that they really enjoyed seeing me using all those Candy Canes, especially the big 2 lib one. This year I decided that it was time for the Candy Cane Slut to make another appearance. This clip is about a sissy dream Christmas morning.


Here is the scene on Christmas Morning. Santa has been there and left a few presents. including a bunch of candy canes. My stocking is full of them, and i can’t help but want to make use of them.





And I did make use of all of the candy canes in the video. I first use them one at a time and then work them all into me at once.  It felt good to get filled up. And soon I moved on to a few larger canes, dressed as a Candy Cane Slut


It says so, right o my two piece slutty outfit. Very convenient for this kind of activity. Not much to it, a spandex two piece with a thug. Both pieces proudly proclaim that I am, indeed, a candy cane slut. Next i used a thicker candy stick, which you can see in the back near the wall, in preparation for the big giant one that Santa put in the front of the the rest of the gifts.





I haven’t had this thing in me in years, but was determined to work it up my hole. With a little effort< i push it into me, and slowly start to work it in and out of me. In and out, deeper and deeper it went. It felt so good and eventually it got easier, and felt better, going in and out of me. I spent quite a bit of time forcing it in and out, in and out, spreading myself wide open. By the end of the clip I was pretty hot and open and when it was all said and done.


By the time i was finished pleasuring myself with that huge candy stick, i was totally stuffed, hot, and felt really good, when I finally got done with that big thing.

So if you want to see me spread myself first with a bunch of candy canes and then working  this super big candy stick up me, check out my C4S clip store by using the menu in the left hand panel for my most recent updates. As so many other have told me, you’ll seeing me so and hot and open.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Last Time I was telling everyone about my visit with Goddess Nikki in Las Vegas. How much fun we had hanging out together for a few days. I ended up talking about the video clip We/we made together which Goddess Nikki entitled “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.” It was a clip about my reward for doing chores. That reward was to be allowed to worship Her beautiful Goddess feet—after paying a tribute, of course. 

The clip starts with me on my knees before Goddess Nikki, and after paying my tribute by placing it at Her beautiful Goddess feet, She give me the command to allow my worship of them.

It is unbelievable to finally, after all this time, to be allowed to worship them, and it shows in this clip.   i begin by kissing them, and i am soon slathering my tongue all over them.  They taste and smell so good.



i kiss and lick every inch of them savoring what i have wanted for so long. my Goddess turns Her beautiful foot this way and that, showing me where She wants me to concentrate my efforts.


Eventually i end up kiss and licking Her toes, concentrating effort between Her gorgeous toes to which She gladly grants me access.   Eventually as We/we near the end of an epic journey, She asks me if i am going back to spend a few days to really take care of all the chores that need to be done. The cleaning, the laundry, the cooking, whatever is necessary. Of course, i agree!!  And as a further incentive She allows me to plant kisses on Her sexy Goddess ass.



Here i am, seen right, being allowed this unexpected treat.  A few days later, She posted this pic on Instagram, and at the reading shown here there were already over 600 likes.  What is better even yet, is that Goddess Nikki decided to use this picture as the image for Her AVI.  It is such an honor, and just pretty darn cool, to see that picture displayed with all of Her tweets. 



As far as the clip itself. as can be seen from the Clips 4 Sale Top Clips, our clip is #1in the Foot Slave Training Category. That’s awesome. But better still Goddess N also posted the clip in a second category in which it rose to No. 21. She tells me that if She had just posted it in the first category alone, and all sales had been from that listing it is likely that our clip would have made the top 50 site wide. Thanks to all that bought it. Enjoy! I know i did.


Vive Las Vegas and Goddess Nikki

It finally met up with Goddess Nikki and Web God Mike just before Thanksgiving.  my Wife and i spent five days there. Taking in a few sites we haven’t seen before and most importantly meeting up with Goddess Nikki. In fact we spent the better part of four days hanging with them. Had so fun fun, we all got along so well. It was truly an incredible experience.  The entire time there was fantastic on this visit.

The very first evening Goddess N and Web God took us to Fremont.  Hard to believe that wed never been there before, I heard and read about it.  But one relatively new venue there was a must see for me.  The D Las Vegas is a place that is all about Detroit,  

Here it is as seen from Fremont. It really wasn’t as much about Detroit, as it is advertised to be.  There some Detroit restaurants, including one of our two coney places. But Goddess N and Web God know their way around Vegas and it was easy to get over there to see it, and the four of us had a good time looking at all the incredible sights there, many rather bluntly porn like. It was a good jumping off point to this visit.

The next day we did some gambling and waked around a bit. Goddess N and Web God picked us up and we went and did dinner with the two of them along with Their son and his girlfriend.  Very nice couple and again we had a real good time talking and shaping stories like old friends. And so it went for the entire time we were there in town.

But as interesting as that may be, what y’all really want to know about was prissy’s meeting with her Goddess. i wit to her very nice spacious apt, and as one might expect there were chores to be done.  

i’m doing dishes here, and Goddess, whom you can see in the background, was taking a short video that She will eventually post somewhere, when Web God, who was taking stills, snapped this pic. We agreed that i needed to return soon and spend a few days doing housework and perform other services soon.

As a reward for my work, Goddess allowed me to allow me, if i was able to attribute Her properly, as courses, to worship Her beautiful, sexy, Goddess feet. 








Here i am finally doing what i have wanted to do all these years, show Goddess Nikki how i feel about Her by worshipping, by kissing, picking and sucking Her Goddess feet!!  And best of all, you can see what happened because Web God was busy filming it all.  That was very cool in and of itself.  i felt like i was on a porn set. Web God was busy filming from all angles. Shooting close ups so close that i knew he was there doing it. But he was able to do it and not be intrusive whatsoever.  Their experience certainly showed itself off on this occasion with an amateur like me. i was not in the least bit distracted from my tasks. lol

Their home is perfect for taking pictures and shooting movies.  It is spacious, modern, and Goddess N has it fixed up perfectly to live comfortably, and shoot Her clips. Web God knows exactly where to be and what angles to use, and has things set up to accommodate their movie schedule.

After i was allowed to worship Her feet, enjoy their last and aroma, savor their softness and otherwise fill my senses with Her essence, She surprised me totally by allowing me to kiss Her gorgeous Goddess behind. i” share a pic of that next time. But now i want to encourage y’all to get this clip. Goddess N has posted it in Her C4S Clip Store, and it is selling quite well.  i am absolutely thrilled that the clip in which i was allowed to be a part, is doing so well. This clip can be purchase right here on my blog by checking Goddess N’s updates, in the left hand panel, for the clip entitled “Opportunity of a Lifetime.” . She posts many updates so it this clip has been replaced by a later update, Her entire store can be visited by clicking the button in the top menu, and scrolling to “Opportunity of a Lifetime.”


Want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all of my followers here and on twitter. And i want to especially wish a Happy Thanksgiving to the lovely Goddess Nikki. Those of you that are familiar with my story, know that very early on, and in an effort to please and amuse Goddess Nikki, as well as attract her attention, i did a Thanksgiving picture gallery entitled Stuffing the Bird. Using the play on words with bird, i did stuff the bird good. The picture gallery was a hit with Goddess N and everyone else She showed it to. So the next year i re-visited the scene.  This time with a video. It too got good reviews lol and thus a tradition was born.

This year, the 11th  installment, my Native American sissy is moving on up to a tepee of her own   

Not bad for a sissy like me, and i like my ew digs. I take great pride, as well, in my set design. lol

Now as those of you who follow me a;ready know how i stuff the bird and who that bird is. But each year the stuffing gets a little different.

The usually more stuffing and the setting and so forth makes it perhaps spicier. lol  This year is no different and in the video clip which i posted in my Clips 4 Sale store, i use this big piece of meat on myself.


Cum see me this Native American sissy in her new slut hut tepee spread herself wide for all to see. And since i have now been throughly trained over the \years to crave this type of sex, actually enjoy the experience. i wasn’t sure that i was going to do a Thanksgiving clip this year, with all the attention being put into my trip to Vegas t see Goddess N, but when i was asked what i was planning to do, i knew that i had to do something. So Yes,the tradition is alive and well!!



You can order this clip by clicking the latest update link to the left. Or see my entire store by using the button on the top menu bar.

Visiting Goddess Nikki

I’ve been serving Goddess Nikki for over Ten Years, and  I am  finally going to visit Her at Her Las Vegas home.  Needless to say, I am beyond excited, but in a literal sense, like a kid at Christmas. But also in a sexual sense since a good bit of our relationship is based on my service to Her, which is a big turn on for me.  So as the days get closer i get hotter. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and after I did a quick picture gallery to post about the big event, I just couldn’t help the heat building up!

Eventually i had to do something about it and went looking for my Big Purple Toy.  When i located it, i decided to film it all.

It didn’t take me long to get situated, set up my cam and give all who wanted to see me fuck myself a look.



I spent most of the evening fucking my slutty hole trying to satisfy myself. While that didn’t really happen, I did film a rather hot clip of me filling my hole with the big purple toy. Great pics of my legs and feet again—and hot slutty action of me using this toy on myself posted on my clips store. Check it out by clicking on that clip on the recent update menu at the left on this blog.  Or check out my entire store by using the button at the tope to navigate to my store.

Shaving My stripe

A few weeks back, Goddess Nikki suggested that I shave my racing stripe.  She didn’t exactly order it. Just a suggestion that She thought that I would look better, or maybe it was different after all this time.  I have had my racing stripe for many years, and I like the edgy way it looks.  But if Goddess N thinks i was look better if my pubic area was bald, who am i to disagree.


So I decided to surprise Her and shave off the long time look that i had been sporting for all these years to please Her, and surprise Her before my visit with Her. Here i am, at right, with my matching purple razor and shaving cream.  

i decided to shoot and post a video clip at my clips store.  Another of the day in the life of a sissy subbie clip that I have begun posting lately in an effort to show what i go through as a sissy slave to my Goddess. i thought that others like me, or other wannabes may enjoy, and even lear from, by viewing my situation. Since i was already dolled up, i decided to also rub lotion on my legs and feet. Great close-ups of my legs and feet, especially my toes and soles!

Launch Pad

A few days ago, I posted a clip update at my clips store entitled Launch Pad.  I found this little helper in a catalogue that one would not expect to find sexual things, such as this.  The purpose of this heart-shaped wedge is obvious when you see it.

As you can see, its purpose is to lift and separate, so to speak.  To get one’s ass up off the floor and into a position that one can be properly fucked.  In my case it also allows my viewers to get a better view.



Here’s a good look at how this pillow works and helps hole my hole up off the floor so my toy cocks slip in easily and often.


By the end of this short try-out of the launch pad, using first one, toy and then a bigger one, i am, of course spread open. These two ribbed toys feel really good going in and out and it is obvious.

Lots of close=ups of my legs, feet and soft soles in this one. Cum buy it by clicking on the image in my clips for sale updates exhibited on my blog. Or visit my entire store by using the button in the menu at the top of the blog.

Happy Birthday Goddess Nikki

Today i want to Wish Goddess Nikki a Very Happy Birthday.  This is a big day for any of us on our Big Day, and it is every bit as important to a subbie slave like me as it is for my Goddess.  So i try to mark the day by doing what a Goddess loves best, as She has told me many times.  Give Her things.

This year We/we talked about it before hand, as She hadn’t said anything about what She wanted.  The first thing She told me about was a really bad ass vanity.

This vanity looks like some type of cockpit or something. As one can plainly see it has a bunch of places to store things—out of sight.  As most Women can attest to, their vanities are piled with all sorts of make-up and application devices. Most of those are sitting there because they have no place to keep them.  This vanity solves that problem. And all the things are within arms reach.

The second ting needed is a good mirror with lots of light, so one can see what she is doing.  This mirror is big nd well lit, obviously.  However, since, Goddess N is moving to a larger space at the end of the month, She decided that She didn’t want it until She was moved.

Since Goddess N had decided to wait on that for a few weeks, i felt that She couldn’t be left with nothing to open on Her big day. Therefore, I decided to send Her some extra gifts that She could open on Her birthday.

 At left is what i sent Her a few days ago. She received these the other day, and I think She is waiting for Her birthday to open them.  However, She is absolutely devoid of patience, so i’m not sure about that. lol 






If She decides to open them with me as She often does, If she decides i will probably be, as i often am in the ate evening in a bra and many set.  If She wants me to do a strip, i can easily put on a skirt and crop top for that.   But i’m planning on starting on this for sure.






Happy Birthday Goddess!! Sure hope Your day is special and You like my Birthday gift tributes