Latest and Greatest Forms

I recently found some new forms that are supposed to be the most realistic of all. They are made by the folks at Real Gurl, and for anyone familiar with this company, they are the makers of the life like, and I do mean life like, real dolls.  Goddess Nikki recently became a spokes person for them when She got hooked up, literally, with their real cocks!  You may have run across some Her tweets about it.  

Here i am modeling them in a sheer see through top.

They look somewhat more realistic under some-thing sheer for sure.




One thing is for certain. The folks at Real Doll are super helpful, both before and after the sale. And the forms themselves attach right to one’s body, without a bunch of glue or tapes, They are not super heavy like most other forms. They feel realistic to the touch when You squeeze them, and they are customized in terms of color to one’s skin coloration. They also feel like they are part of you, even if they won’t quite work perfectly in nude applications.

First Time Outside This Season

It’s finally warming up here.  It’s been a brutal spring to say the least as far as the weather is concerned.  Very chili with practically no warm weather at all.  The past few days, however, it has warmed up enough to venture outside.




So I decided to venture out into the back yard to take a few pics.




Here i am on the back porch finally able to enjoy the nice weather. The yard is not cleaned up enough yet to take any out there. Also the pool has yet to be opened, but I’m working on that next!




Happy Easter

I want to wish all my readers here and my followers on twitter a Very Happy Easter Sunday.  I especially want to give an Easter Shout out to Goddess @Erotic Nikki.  It’s a beautiful day here and I hope it is where you are too.  Hope you are getting a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends before you’re back to work and the daily grind tomorrow.

As y’all know, I usually do a holiday picture/video shoot for holiday to amuse my Goddess Nikki and wish everyone a happy day.  This year I decided to get into some nice Easter clothes and i am wearing my Sunday Easter best to look like a real lady.


So here is my Easter outfit. Nice dress and jacket in an Easter violet. Hair to match. Put myself in a nice Easter setting, complete with Easter eggs. And, of course, an Easter Basket. 

Of course, I am sending Goddess N some Easter goodies and here is the basket full of mostly eggs.

Since I can’t send eggs through the mail, i use hollow eggs.  Eggs filled with what my Goddess loves most—money. lol  There is some candy as well, but since She doesn’t like a lot of sugar I have to keep that to a minimum and I usually spend most of my efforts trying to find things to put in there that She will find acceptable. I sent it all a few days ago, so I know She received it.  Sue hopes She likes what I sent.

In the meantime, I also did a video clip to show off my lady like outfit, and amuse Her as well.  As always it seems, and try as I might, I ended up being me. As always I am caged 


As you can see here through my violet sheer see-through panties. This somewhat limits my video efforts but getting all dolled up like this gets me horny. 




Fortunately, however, I had a big fat violet toy that I could use to help me scratch that itch and amuse my Goddess. And since I couldn’t wait to get it in me, I ended up becoming quite a contrast using that toy while still dressed so eloquently.

I posted the video clip on my new only fans page and you can see it by going to



Want to wish all my readers here and followers on twitter aHappy St. Pat’s!  I especially want to give a St. Patrick’s Shout out to Goddess Nikki on this day of celebration as well.  Usually people want to head to their local pub for a celebratory gathering of some kind, but it being Sunday, that may be a bit harder to do.  But there are plenty of ways to celebrate this day meant for such things.

In the meantime, however, one can still celebrate alone by finding their favorite spot on the net and watching something to get them excited–without or without green beer.  Goddess Nikki has numerous sites one can do that.  But i also have a few places for that as well.  And as is usually the case, i shot some pics and a clip with a holiday theme.  Those who know me, are aware that i do clips for all the holidays to muse my Goddess by entertaining anyone who wants to watch. 

This year the leprechaun makes a return visit to my video clip collection.  Hopefully, this clip will be something that amuses my Goddess, as well as others who see it.  Check out my cute sheer shamrock shirt and see through top.  My favorite part, and it’s what makes this leprechaun come alive, is my super cute St. Patrick’s top hat!


As one might expect from a sissy slut like me, i n this clip i strip off my clothes, at least enough of them to be able to use a toy.  A green one, of course.

At left i strip off my skirt so that i can use this cute green dildo.  

I start by spitting it out of my hole, whee it had remained inconspicuously hidden until i was ready to reveal it.  I am so stretched out these days, after my last few clips especially, to keep it in there!!

But once it is out i ram it back in me and then into my wet writing tough to savor

both the smell and taste of this green toy! Repeatedly, i run it up my hole, pull it out for a to mouth action, and then repeat it several times.

This year and in the future you can see my pics and clips at my new only fans account.  That’s right! One can see all of my great graphic content at

Check it out. It’s only $9.99 to see whatever i happen to post there on all holidays and any other times i post.

Valentine Gifts

Yesterday i posted a blog about Valentine’s Day.  My latest clip update. And my new Only Fans account.  I also mentioned that I had sent some Valentine’s Day gifts to Goddess Nikki.  Most of the time people send gifts that would be considered romantic, like candy and flowers.  And I have done that as well as many other traditional, and non-traditional gifts to Hr.  In fact this is an anniversary for us as well, because my original offerings to Her were sent on Valentine’s Day in n attempt to gain Her attention.  What I did was to check out Her picture library on Her websites.  I looked at the backgrounds in those pics.  She used to take more pictures just around Her house so I could see what types of things She liked and used.  I went out and bought many of these items, or things that went with the things She used and sent them to Her-along with my key. That is a story for another day though.  In this case She was quite impressed that i had noticed what She liked and had taken the time to buy and send them to Her.

Over the years I sent many Valentine’s items-its been about 13 years since then-many of the romantic kind.  But mostly what I have done as Her submissive is to buy Her things that She can use in Her work or daily life to make that life easier and more productive.  This year is no different.  I noticed on twitter that She has posted a tweet seeking volunteers to purchase for Her a mobile camera that She could use outside and several accessories that went with the camera.  So i purchased that camera along with the accessories and sent them to Her. These days I have some inside help from Web God Mike to grab my gifts when they come in and hide them until the day arrives.  In that way they are timely–and She is surprised. 

Here are the gifts pretty much as they arrived.  I had them gift wrapped and everything, therefore, worked out great.

Here, at left, is a picture of the camera out of any packaging. Since Goddess N was asking for these, nd i again, was observant enough to see that, it was a no briner as far as getting Her something She liked and could use.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Want to wish all of my readers here and followers on twitter a Happy Valentine’s Day. Especially want to wish a Very Happy Valentine’s Day to my Goddess @EroticNikki. On this very special day between those of have a special relationship whether romantic or otherwise, as Goddess N and i have, this is a day that we want to make sure that we let that special other person know how we feel.  By telling that person, of course, but also by sending cards or giving gifts.  i, of course, sent something Goddess Nikki’s way and it is at Her home waiting for delivery to Her.  i’m pretty sure that She is going to like what i sent. However, i can’t mention what it is yet since i don’t want to spoil the surprise.

In the meantime, i did what i always do on holidays. i filmed a clip marking the occasion to amuse Her.  She likes to see what lengths i will go to please Her publicly on the world wide web. lol So i filmed a clip using an Valentine’s Day outfit that She gave me at Christmas. It is a sheer see-through two piece outfit especially made for sissy types like me covered in little pink hearts with little bows as appliqués.  

Here’s a picture i took for this occasion. See how cute it is. Also, how cute i am wearing it. It’s so adorable.  It is tiny and doesn’t hide anything. You can clearly see my chastity right through my panties.  The chastity has shrunk smaller and smaller over my time with Her, while She attempts to down size my stick and render it useless eventually.  


Here’s a good look at what i am talking about to the left. Good view of my chastity that fits in this panties nicely. So after showing my new Valentine’s Day outfit and where it came from i take my two matching pink two candy like toys and use them where i usually do on myself. First the smaller one, that actually fits all the way inside me and then it’s on to the big 3 inch wide candy.  That one is a little harder to get in and out, but it feels oh so good.


This time i have uploaded this Valentine clip to my new account on Only Fans. You can see this clip, others video clips I have also uploaded, along with other pics i have uploaded, and will continue to upload there.

Three Inches

Hello All. Over the past weeks and years, my chastity size and shape has been changed often. Recently Goddess Nikki has reduced the size yet again, and seeing my stick all squeezed into it, it s apparently that the size will be reduced as well as it’s use.  In the past i had made a video when i was able to say that i had joined the Three Inch Club.  That three inches.was discussing the width of the toy i was using. Now, as my video goes, i may perhaps be he first three and three gurl.  A three inch spreadable hole and a three inch stick.So this is what i was wearing in this clip It’s the tee i got for myself when i  originally joined the Three Inch Club


Here’s what i was wearing, at left, when I filmed this clip. The Three Inch Club tee I earned when i was able to get the three inch toy in me.




Here’s good look at the tee – and my little dinky chastity- that I have been locked into.


Here’s a better look at both, as i was in the clip, with the big three inch toy, along with it’s smaller twin, to start out with.




And here, i;m being the slut that i am, and doing what i promised. Namely putting the three inch toy up my slutty stretched out hole!  Check it out at my Clips4Sale store.


Wishing everyone a Very Happy and prosperous New Year! i want to give a special Shout Out to Goddess Erotic Nikki. Also my readers here and followers on twitter. As the New Year is upon us, i am making a resolution to re-double my effort in serving Goddess Nikki and also to more religiously adhere to my restrictions and submissive state of mind as far as She  is concerned.

So i decided to start by dressing up in a nice glitzy New Year’s outfit for the occasion. Even wearing heels. Beautiful long gold glitter nails, done with polish She sent. Dressed in this fashion i also decided to film a clip, as She likes me to, and show off some of the things that ill make this year more production.    

First, i am going tottery to follow all of the suggestions put int the guide by Goddess N on the calendar inside I will post the calendar pages each months that i, and everyone else, can see where i am headed. 

One of the reasons that i think i can do it, is my very restrictive chastity that i have recently purchased, with Goddess N’s help and approval.  Look how restrictively small this device is—and it is secured closely to my body that any thoughts of anything other than sissygasms are a thing of the past.  my chastity is also way cuter now, fits into my sissy panties, and fits my lifestyle and the direction Goddess N has planned for me. 

Before toasting the New Year i show off and expelling my Guides, both my written guide and the physical chastity guide that will continue to persuade me to do what i am supposed to.

There are some New Year;s toasting glasses and the cum i have collected by aging for the past few months.  i am going to poor that cum into a glass and toast the occasion.


Tastes good as i begin to drink up. Tastes better with the next sip and as might be expected, however, what was supposed to be a classy New Year’s tribute turns into something more.





Cum take a look at my new update at my Clips 4 Sale store!!

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.  Specifically,, all my readers here and followers on twitter.  Hope everyone is having a great day and getting a chance to relax and get away from all of the daily routine,

i want to especially wish Goddess Nikki and Her family a very special day, and  beside saying it here i sent gifts their way. 

Here are the fits that i sent to Goddess N that She opened today.  They arrived Friday, but Web God intercepted them and held them until today.  He also snagged something else i had sent directly to Her from the retailer.


As you can see there were a number of things i sent Her and i am always concerned if She will like what i have sent.  There was something from Her Wish List, a little skirt and matching top, yoga pants that She likes and some bath and body stuff to relax with, a Christmas stocking and more. The item sent directly was a camera She wanted (also on Her Wish List.  i did, hear from Her today, however, and She seemed pleased with everything.

Candy Cane Slut 3: Christmas Eve

Well Christmas is tomorrow and i am spending the Night Before Christmas making a video.  This clip re-visits the Candy Cane Slut in the third appearance of this character.  If you recall, the original, entitled Big Candy Stick was filmed at Goddess Nikki;s request so it could be posted on the We Whip Ass site.  That clip was more successful than any of the others and I heard from many folks, many of them Domes, about it years. Several years later, but several years ago, i did the sequel: Candy Cane Slut Too.  Now i thought it was time for the third installed, which is the title of this blog.

Beside the fact that it was well liked, i am extremely hot and horny from being caged. The clip takes place on Christmas Eve, and is set among the gifts underneath the Christmas tree.  A sissy tree, of course. 

Here is the sense set at the beginning of the movie.  i hurriedly enter and because i am hot, and have been waiting for this night for awhile.  i had asked Santa to leave me some big sticks to play with and satisfy myself, just as i had done so many years ago.

Here i am in my nightshirt, my Christmas shark bite night shirt, after getting downstairs t the tree as i couldn’t wait to see if Santa had left the big sticks i asked for. He did, and since i was so hot and horny i decided to use them without even waiting until morning.  The shark bite tee is perfect for showing off the reason for my extreme heat. Namely the extremely small chastity that Goddess N now has me caged.

You can see both the oversized candy sticks in my krissy stocking which is hung, unlike krissy, by the fireplace.

You also notice the super large 2 lb stick in the other stocking on top of the gift thee.  That candy cane stick was too heavy for the stocking hung up by the chimney with care. lol  If you look close you’ll also notice Santa’s attempt, and a good one, at humor when he left the towel with the “I can explain” box checked on it.  This tool is something i needed at the end of this one.  i’m so hot, first i use the sticks in the stocking—all at the am time, before turning my attention to the 2 lb giant. i spend quite a bit of time rating this hugh monster up my hole, and then in and out of my stretched out hole.  By the en of the clip i am spent and kind of a mess. But it didn’t matter, and i am quite satisfied. This is the scene when i was done.